Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Wisdom from Mark Henderson posted on The Patriot Post today.

Mark Hendrickson: "The venerable 'wall of separation between church and state' was originally intended to keep government from bestowing legal privileges or financial favors on one religious sect over others. Now it has morphed into a reductio ad absurdumwhereby no mention (or at least, a respectful or reverential mention) of our country’s dominant religious traditions is to be made in a taxpayer-funded venue. Such a tortured reading of the Constitution is music to the ears of contentious atheists and secular fundamentalists. It represents the temporary triumph of an arid, intellectually feeble legal theory over common sense and tolerance. It renders an honest teaching of world and U.S. history impossible, and greatly limits what literature, art, and music may be incorporated into educational curricula. I mean, how do you teach the history of our own culture and civilization without discussing the Christianization of Europe, the Christian/Muslim wars, the Protestant Reformation, the Christian principles and values that animated the American revolution and later the civil rights movement, and even why science flourished in the Christian West while stagnating everywhere else? Some may not like it, but the fact is that the birth of Jesus two millennia ago marked the beginning of the pivotal life in human history. Just because many of us also believe that the life of Jesus Christ is the key to heaven is no reason for public officials to attempt to censor history or ban that momentous life from our schools."

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