Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Heritage Days

      Preparations are in full swing for Heritage Days!  It is now only a little more than 3 weeks till the Festival.  We have added several new events including a horse & mule pull and a horse farming demonstration to the schedule.  There are already more than 100 magnificent draft horses, mules & haflingers registered--some coming from several hundred miles away to compete.  The North American Six Horse Hitch champions for the last 2 years--Blue Ribbon Farm--will be here with their beautiful black percherons, among other top hitches in the nation, to compete in this qualifying show.  We have great musical entertainment throughout the Festival and lots of actvities for kids and adults alike.  Check out our website for more information:  martinsvilleheritagedays.com
      If you are looking for a fun weekend--followed by a week of the Martinsville Ag Fair-- then consider coming to Martinsville, June 10-12 for Heritage Days and staying through the 20th for the Fair.  Last year we had a couple from London, England at the Festival, who had found out about the Horse Show on the internet, so wherever you live--You Are Welcome!