Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Scale Has Been Reset

      I heard the most helpful information on Sunday when we were watching the Mother's Day conversation Kris Vallotton and his wife, Kathy, had in front of the Bethel congregation.  Since you can view past Bethel sermons on their website for free for 4 weeks, you might still be able to watch it.  Check out the iBethel.TV website.
     The whole message was excellent but this little tidbit of wisdom has been a life-saver to me this week.  I am applying it to every area of my life because as much as I know how, I have forgiven everyone who has hurt me.
      Kris was telling a story about forgiving his wife for the way he dishonored her and then asking forgiveness of his children because they witnessed the disrespect.  Then one of the children brought it up again later.
       I am not sure I am quoting him here, but this is my translation of what I heard him say.  He said that when we forgive someone the scale has been reset.  We can no longer go there anymore because it is under the blood.  We have no right to remember, or ever bring it up again, because forgiveness makes it as if it had never happened.  I LOVE that!  I have often heard people say,  "I will forgive but I won't forget."  Well, this is a great explanation of why that is wrong.  They have no right to ever think on it again.
      How freeing to remind yourself when the devil sends those thoughts of anger, bitterness, rage, hurt, disappointment etc. etc. as you begin to dwell on the situation, that it's been forgiven and you can't go there anymore.  You might even want to substitute a prayer of thanksgiving as you remember you are no longer held accountable for the wrong you've done to others once you have asked forgiveness and forgiven yourself.  Try it for a few days.  I'll bet you will be as excited as I am to be free!