Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mom's Passing

       This has been a difficult week.  My mother, who would have been 89 on May 30th, was admitted to Intensive Care at Union Hospital last Monday evening.  After being there a night & a day she decided she didn't want any other treatment so told the doctor's to stop any meds except for pain.  Hospice was called in.  After another day in ICU they moved her to a regular room so we could all gather round her.  On Friday, Hospice said she had stabilized enough that she could no longer stay in the hospital.  My sisters wanted to bring her home so everything was put in place.  The ambulance arrived around 11:00 to transport her.  She arrived, was brought out into the beautiful sunlight from the ambulance, opened her eyes with a hint of a smile and was brought into the house to a hospital bed which had only a few minutes before been delivered and installed in the living room.  Her breathing became labored, her heart rate began to drop, and she passed into her new life at 12:07 p.m.  She made it home to her earthly house in time to go to her eternal home!  I had talked with her just last Sunday to be certain she knew Jesus personally.  She said she did and she was ready to go. What a blessing!
     I arrived in time to tell her good-bye.  I'm now rejoicing that she is celebrating with her loved ones in Heaven.
     Friends & Family have been congregating to share memories.  The funeral will be tomorrow at 11:00.