Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Good Word From Bethel TV

I received this today from Bethel TV and thought it was a good word to share:

Young Nicholas became very wealthy after both of his parents died. A devout follower of Christ, he used his inheritance to bless the needy in his city. After hearing about a poor man in his town, he became greatly troubled. One cold evening, he climbed the man’s roof and put gold down the chimney. The man was overjoyed at the mysterious gift which landed in a stocking he’d hung by the fireplace to dry.

This is the story of St. Nicholas, the prototype for our modern-day Santa Claus. Even in the midst of tragedy, Nicholas chose to follow Jesus, dedicating his whole life to loving God and others. His kindness to those around him is a beautiful reminder of all the gifts God has given us.
As believers in Christ, we have an inheritance much like Nicholas--we have been made rich in Him, through the incredible gift of His life, death, and resurrection. How will we steward this powerful gift? This Christmas, we pray He reveals His love to you in a fresh way and gives you opportunities to share that love with others.

-Your friends at Bethel.TV

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Anonymous said...

No greater gift is given than one wrapped in humbled Sacrifice.