Friday, December 2, 2016

A Testimony

     Beginning the first of September a group of us have been meeting to watch the Ken Fish, "Basic Healing" videos.  We have supplemented his teachings with information we have learned over the years about inner healing, soul ties, rejection, unforgiveness, generational curses, etc. and we have begun to pray for people based on this information.  The first person we prayed for (who is now an extremely enthusiastic member of our group and has brought many others for prayer) said she would be glad for me to share her testimony on my blog because she thought others should know that it is possible to be free of all the junk of the past.  I said I would love to share her testimony if she would write it up.  I'm sure it will sound pretty far out to some of you who may not be familiar with deliverance, but I can assure you this lady has been set free and is on fire for the Lord!

So here is her testimony in her own words:

He Who The Son Sets Free Is Free Indeed

I want to share my testimony for the lost and the broken to experience what God can do:  Revelation 12:11 says we were cleansed by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony.

I started out life rejected by my birth mother who was also a junkie and a harlot.  My birth mother put me up for adoption and I was adopted out into a family at nine weeks old. (Rejection)  My adoptive parents have always shown more love and attention to their blood child--another rejection.  Then my father started beating on me.  No one else, just me.  My father had a generational curse or soul tie of abuse himself so he didn't know any better or any other way.  Then when I was 6 or 7, a babysitter's relative in law enforcement started molesting me.  This went on for years.  I would fight my father, knowing I would take a beating than have an old man crawling on top of me.  My father beating me was better than going to the babysitter's.  I was fighting a battle and there was no safe place for me.  I want to praise my father for getting the help he needed.  He sought help and the beatings stopped.  PRAISE GOD!

So then the cop who molested me all the time started giving me cocaine, marijuana, etc. to keep me quiet as I was getting older.  So I then realized how drugs and alcohol numbed me not to feel and remember, and I could tolerate that man touching me every day.  I was hooked on drugs and alcohol! I got pregnant at age 11 and had an abortion. (Later on, abortion was a demon we called out in Jesus' name.)  Boy, did I go downhill after that!  I started to use more drugs and more alcohol to hide my pain.  I then also became co-dependent on older men.  They could get me drugs, booze, and get me away from home.  I could escape for a little while.  I had become off the chain "out of control".  I was hateful, abusive, angry, resentful.  I felt rage.  I was dying inside.  I was dirty!!  I could not stand being in my own skin.  Then I was introduced to the needle.  Wow!  What control it had over me!

Then at 19, I started having kids.  I was in and out of abusive relationships.  I even was an abuser myself.  I didn't care about being with my kids.  I cared about staying numb.  I tried the best I could and started over so many times going back and forth.  I could love no one.  I hated myself!  I had battery ticket after battery ticket.  I was a bully and an abuser.  I didn't know any other love than mental and physical abuse.  In 2003, I got arrested for meth and theft and seven other charges.  I had to sign my kids over to my parents who then in turn gave them to my sister.  Later on I found out that a relative molested my daughter.  I sat in my bathroom for 3 1/2 hours and listened to my daughter tell me what he had done to her.  I felt it was my fault.  I felt that if I hadn't been a junkie, a harlot, and an abuser she wouldn't have been in the situation where this could happen to her.  But I now see it isn't my fault for what he did.  I am skimming over some of my life.  I have so much more ugly.  

Now I am out with my kids and doing good for a couple of years.  Bam!  Right back out neglecting my kids again for numbness.  I have by this time invited so many demons in.  I am overflowing with disease from my sins.  Liver problems, colon problems, heart problems.  I still kept shooting, kept drinking, kept numbing.  So now my kids are all moved out.  It is me and my dog.  Lonely, bitter, angry, raging. I started spending all my paycheck after bills on meth, vodka, Marlboro reds.  I kept crying out to God to take this from me.   For years I was crying out but I made the choice to keep using.  Back and forth.  Good for awhile, then worse.  It has been one heck of a fight.  

This last year I had finally quit shooting and started smoking meth.  All I did was sit there and smoke and drink.  I had the perfect work schedule--Wednesday thru Friday so I had Saturday thru Tuesday off every week.  Pay my bills, get dope.  I felt abandoned by my kids.  Through all this I had invited the demon of death in.  I was dying in my sin.  I was ready to go, I thought.  I was lonely, high.  I just didn't care anymore.  Let me tell you, I was two weeks away from death.  I was turning black, my fingernails, toenails were falling off.  There was nothing when you looked into my eyes.

So that Wednesday at work, my cuz, a warrior for Christ, looked at me and said, "You are dead."  I just started crying and I said I am ready to go.  She said, "No, you are not!" She started to tell me of a woman who she wanted to take me to see.  Little did I know what was going to happen on September 8th!  I was set free!

I didn't know this woman from Adam.  We went down into her basement and I just start pouring out my heart to her, my life.  Oh, boy!!  She started to move so she could sit directly in front of me.  We started to denounce my generational curses, and break soul ties.  She stopped praying over me and we repented of my unforgiveness, my self rejection.  My cousin, I noticed, walked over to the kitchen and came back with a bowl.  I was like--what is that for?  Little did I know it would be to choke and puke out demons.  So we went back in time and had the Lord reveal to me when the ugly started.  This woman started praying and boy was I oppressed by demons!!  God would reveal a word to me and she would start calling them out in Jesus' Name, one by one.  I could see an image of a demon running to the door telling me to run.  I started crying out to God.  As we continued calling them out they had to come out in obedience to Christ's authority.  I had nine different demons that I remember.  I would choke them out, puke them out, they would pop out of my skin.  "Now I knew what the bowl was for! LOL)  I could feel them coming up inside my body as they were called out.  I had to fight my body to keep them from hitting her.  There were words coming out of my mouth telling the lady praying they hated her.  There were evil sounds coming out of my mouth.  I would keep looking in her eyes and I could see Jesus.  The words, "Come out!" had to be repeated so many times because the demons did not want to let go.  But there is power in Jesus' Name!  Believe me, there is more power than we will ever know!  This whole time the lady praying never batted an eye, even when my body was in pretzel form.  I remember looking at my cousin, saying, "I have really flipped my script, haven't I?" and we all had a good laugh.

But I had not flipped my script!  I had been set free by Jesus!  Hallelujah!!  My mind is being renewed to be Christ like.  I study the word and I get it now!  I am praying for strangers, the man who molested me and my child.  It is not them that do those things it is the acts of Satan's demons. 
 Now I am taking broken women to this lady to pray.  I am sitting right next to them and watching Jesus set women free!  I am studying and learning to do this.  In Jesus' Name we are healing the sick. We are casting out demons.  Praise God for the power in Jesus' Name.  We all have the power through Him.  I pray my testimony will help all of you and bless all of you who read it.  Jesus is real and demons are real but Jesus has all authority on heaven and earth which He has given us to use to set people free.
                                                                         God's Daughter

I've been redeemed.

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Cindy said...

What a great testimony! Such a wonderful thing you guys are doing. Showing people who they are in Christ.