Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Dreaming with God

I watched Mark Virkler's video series on dream interpretation recently.  It has been most helpful in helping me understand my dreams.  In the videos, Mark & his daughter, Charity, discussed the importance of dreams and gave many examples of how God spoke to people through a dream. ( Look up "dream" in a concordance and you may be amazed, as I was, at how often God used dreams to direct his people.)

I have been interested in dream interpretation for years and have read several books and articles purporting to help interpret dreams.  Many discussed symbolism and gave general definitions of symbols used in dreams, but in this series Mark & Charity pointed out it is important to know what the symbol in the dream means to the dreamer.  e.g. a dog--did they love dogs, or were they afraid of them?  Their practical suggestions seemed to make much sense and by applying them I have been able to understand recent dreams much better.

Applying the three aspects they mentioned to consider in every dream has been very helpful:
       1. What was happening in your life right before your dream?
       2. What was the main action in the dream?
       3. What was the key emotion?

One other thing they suggested is to keep paper and pencil by your bedside so you can write down your dreams immediately upon awakening.  Try it and see.

I would love to hear about your dreams and the interpretations you are receiving if you would care to share them.  You are welcome to leave them as a comment, or you can also email me directly at countrygirl@shalominthewilderness.com.

Keep dreaming.

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