Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Whew! It is finished!

       I'm sure most who read this don't particularly care, but I ordered photo books of the Austria trip yesterday! Such a relief!  Since making the book has consumed much of my time over several days, I am so glad to have it finished!  I actually basically finished it the day before we left on our trip to the National Parks but needed to proof it before ordering.
       The book ended up being 123 pages in length.  That sounds like so many pages, but we saw so many things and took so many photos.  When I added our son's & daughter-in-law's photos to mine I had over 2000 to sort through, and I'm sure I used around 700 in making the book.  Even though that makes the book quite expensive, it is worth it, I believe, to have a lasting memory that helps us recall the fun we had and the places we visited.  After all, when you spend thousands of dollars on the trip, it seems spending $100 on a book of memories is not so much.  (Fortunately, Mixbook was having a 50% off sale that ended yesterday.  I had planned to prepare the book and wait for a sale to order anyway, so yesterday coincided well with my plans.)  I would guess, though, if I added in my time in creating the book at minimum wage, it would cost over $1000.  Good thing I work cheap! 😊 As you can probably figure out, I enjoy doing it.  Why else would I spend so much time looking up travel quotes, facts about the places we visited, clipart, etc. to make it more interesting and informative?
       When I have recuperated a few days, I will begin the book of our Parks trip.  Amazingly, I took over 1000 photos there, too.  Hopefully, many are duplicates so this book won't be nearly as large.
       Country Guy jokingly said we are going to have to cut down on travel, or my life is going to consist solely of traveling and making photo books!  I think if that becomes a reality the solution is to stop making books--not stop traveling, don't you?

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