Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Redneck Pool Party at Linn Park was a Success Again This Year!

      We had such fun at the Redneck Pool Party yesterday!  This was our 3rd annual event and the kids loved it, as much this year as the previous two.  An added bonus was the addition of a performance of Battle Creek, one of our favorite bands.  In fact, we thought they were such a good fit that we have invited them back for the Pool Party again next year.
Power washing the tarp.

     This year one of our committee members removed a small grain bin from their property so he suggested we use a ring of it to support the straw bales.  What a great improvement!  See posts here and here for previous year's problems with pool failure.
Pulling the tarp over the frame

The Firemen were gracious to fill the large pool for us.
       The pools are such a great way to use the tarp leftover when the pile of corn is uncovered at the grain elevator.  Even though the photo below looks like an acre of tarp, it is only a small section of the original.Here are a few photos to let you see how much fun we had preparing and how much the kids enjoyed the different activities.
We also made a one-bale high kiddie pool.  Here the guys are unloading the straw to make the frame.

As always the 80 foot Slip n Slide is a great hit!

As is the Water Balloon Shooter.

Even the littlest ones got in on the fun!

Fun in the Redneck Hot Tub (made in the bed of a pickup truck).
Bubble-making was also a great hit!
And so was the Pinaqua (I think we used about 80 trash bags!)
As you can see, activities were spread all over Linn Park

Battle Creek's great music and sense of humor made this year's event even more fun!

Plan ahead, so you won't have to miss next year's event.  We had someone Facebook us to ask how far it was from Houston.  When they discovered they didn't have time to get here, they said they would seriously consider coming next year.  The date is August 4, if you are interested.

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