Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Travesty of Justice in the Case of Judge Roy Moore

      I wish I was a better communicator because I feel deeply about what happened to Roy Moore! Doesn't the Bible say, "Those without sin can cast the first stone?"  I guess that would exclude all of us, wouldn't it?  We are all sinners.  It seems to me those who have been shouting the loudest agaisnt Roy Moore have a lot in their lives they wouldn't like to see exposed.  But there is much more that causes me to be incensed!
     One: Aren't we supposed to be deemed innocent until proven guilty?  Roy Moore's reputation has been tarnished, if not altogether ruined, because of allegations that have yet been proven. Why did these surface only 30 days before the election when he has been in public office for 34 years.  One would think it had something to do with the election, wouldn't one?  Thirty days is not long enough to prove innocence so there would always be the lingering doubt that the allegations could be true. How cruel!!  I do not believe Roy Moore is a pedophile in any sense of the word, but that is what the news media is calling him.  I have seen headline today that read "Jones defeats Pedophile Roy Moore!"  When was his trial!!
    Two: Those things he has been accused of happened 34 years ago!  Even if they were true, is there no room for change?  Do we blackball a person for something he did a long time ago but has never attempted to do it since.  There is no hope for any of us if this is true!  What is the point of living if we cannot grow and learn from mistakes?  The whole point of recognizing sin is so that we can repent.  There is no sin that God does not forgive, but we must know that it is sin so we can ask Him.  If Roy Moore treated teens inappropriately, he obviously has repented and been forgiven because there is no trace of the behavior in his life in the past 34 years!
     Three: Mainstream Republicans did everything in their power to see him defeated. They voted against him, spoke openly and often against him, disparaging his reputation, planned meetings to figure out how to keep him from participating in the Senate if elected.  How embarrassing!  They would rather a Democrat win the seat than have someone who will stand for his convictions no matter what the consequences be in their midst.  This says much about their character, I think.  Whatever happened to loyalty?  How about acceptance of those who have different opinions?  I have been a fan of Judge Roy Moore for many years.  He has been persecuted for his beliefs throughout his career but has stuck to his convictions.  He refused to remove the Ten Commandments monument. He had the commandments posted in his courtroom.  He has called homosexuality a sin.  He actually believes the Bible!!  Amazing isn't, it to find someone in public office who is willing to say the Bible is true and is the moral compass we should base our laws upon.
     Four:  I am disappointed in President Trump (I am a strong supporter of him).  He didn't endorse Roy Moore in the beginning, only coming in at the end and then blaming Steve Bannon( who in my opionion is one of the few who acted rightly in the whole situation) for his loss. He is now saying he didn't endorse him in the beginning because he knew he couldn't win.  I believe we should endorse those who stand for righteousness whether we believe they can win or not, so I am doubly disappointed in him for this admission.
    It is my hope and prayer that those who were so quick to judge will have the same judgment turned upon them.  I pray Roy Moore's reputation will be restored and that good things will come to him and his family because of what they endured.  And I pray that President Trump will endorse only those who have the best interests of our country in mind.  I pray that those who lead by deception and lies will be exposed and removed from office and that our country will return to the laws of God--that integrity, honesty and loyalty will be the new norm.
    I hope you will pray with me.

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