Friday, December 22, 2017


Today I was reading an article in The Times of Israel  which was recounting the birth of the 20th child of a 42 year old Israeli woman.  Amazing, isn't it?  She only had one set of twins, so she had given birth 19 times.

The article ended with this even more astonishing information:

"While it is not clear what the Israeli birth record is, the most prolific mother according to the Guinness World Record website was Mrs. Vassilyeva, an 18th-century Russian peasant woman who produced 69 children. During 27 labors the Vassilyeva gave birth to a remarkable 16 pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets and four sets of quadruplets."

I can't even imagine this, can you?  Where would they sleep?  How could you feed that many?  Or even remember their names!

I have a remarkable friend who had 8 children of her own (one died in infancy) and then she adopted 11 more from other countries.  I was always in awe of how she took care of so many children!  Every time I prepare a dinner for a large gathering, I think of Lori and that she cooks for that many three times a day, every day!  No more quick trips to McDonald's if you don't feel like cooking.  They wouldn't all fit in one car and can you imagine the price tag?  Think of the laundry!!  

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