Saturday, January 27, 2018

      Since my attention was drawn to the vitamin D article on I decided to explore the jenreviews website.  It contains so much good information on so many things I am interested in!  I could spend days reading all the articles!
      I am planning to post information on fasting in general, and intermittent fasting, in particular in the next few days.  I found a much more in-depth article on the site than I was planning to post, so will probably include it with a link when I get around to posting.
      I also read "100 Best Things to Do in Greece" while on the site--there are lots of other places mentioned, too, but we happened to be going to Greece this summer.  It was fun to see that many of the places we plan to visit were listed.
      Anyway, if you have an afternoon free to spend some time reading, I highly recommend

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