Friday, January 5, 2018

Skepticism on Vegetarianism

      I have contiued to watch Mark Virkler's video series (mentioned in the previous posts) even though he almost lost me on the second one.  He seems to have become a vegetarian for the most part.  I can agree that we need to eat a balanced diet which includes lots of fruits and particularly vegetables but I'm not ready to go "all in" when it comes to eating only those things.
     As I was discussing this with Country Guy yesterday I told him I had just read of Jesus feeding the 5000 and he didn't do it by multiplying fruit and vegetables!  So I am still not ready to become a vegetarian, but I am trying to add more fresh produce in my diet.  I know it is important.
      Nevertheless, Mark has some very good points and gives good information concerning health and healing.  I recommend listening to the remaining series.
       Here is the link.

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