Thursday, August 23, 2018

"God Bless America and Planet Earth – Another Incredible Suddenly!" Kat Kerr,

A word of encouragement from Kat Kerr:

"God Bless America and Planet Earth – Another Incredible Suddenly!"
Kat Kerr, Jacksonville, FL

Hello family of God, I hope your expectation for celebration is very high right now because if it isn't, it will be because God is about to do another incredible "suddenly" that will impact our lives here in America and get the attention of the world.

You Will Never Have a Boring Day in Your Country
God is going to, once again, validate his choice of Donald Trump being our president. As God said, "Once he takes office you will never have a boring day in your country."

You may not even like Donald Trump, but remember you were not perfect at one time and there is hope for everyone in these days of Heaven on Earth. In case you don't know God's plans for right NOW, this is not the day of His wrath but it is the day of His power and He asks us to be willing to operate with Him to demonstrate and manifest His power and glory so that the world might know Him.

God has assured me that He will continue to support and encourage Trump and his plans to make America great again. God chose him because he was a good businessman, not a pastor. You vote where life is honored and protected and where evil is exposed. God did not tolerate darkness or wickedness in Heaven and neither should we.

God Trusts Him
Recently, the Father was talking to me about more validation for President Trump and evidence against those who have bashed him and lied against him. (Even now there has been more evidence against him that God will expose as false and/embellished.) Individuals are setting up a plan that will seemingly keep him from getting the seats he needs in the mid-election. God has assured me, like you saw during the 2016 election time when he won the presidency, that the masses will vote for life and not darkness. We will all see an amazing, incredible "suddenly" on behalf of Trump and Pence.

Even though the liberal media, the fake news (some will quit and some will be removed), continues to lie about Trump and his efforts to make America great again, God is in charge of His time on Earth and He will have His way. We still must pray and be in agreement, regardless of what is being said against Trump or his administration. Trump was chosen before he was born and cannot escape being great and will continue to recognize God as the creator of all things. God trusts him and we must trust him also. Get ready for many exciting days in America and on this earth.

Bringing Hope Instead of Destruction
We are entering into the days of greater glory and the manifested sons and daughters of God who will shock and stun this world, doing greater works like raising the dead who were cremated or raising the dead en masse—even at the scene of accidents that would've brought great trauma to many people but instead they will rejoice at the power of our God. God is shifting governments around this world and shaping nations to bring hope instead of destruction.

The more you believe it is real the more real it will become. Don't be afraid to run into this new time! Get your crown on and be just like "Them"—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—because we are made in Their image and after Their likeness. With Christ in us and operating in full the dominion He gave us, there's no demon on this earth or under this earth strong enough to keep us from our destiny. It is time to rule and reign with Jesus Christ as joint heirs and crush the plans of the enemy. Go host of Heaven! Pull down the strongholds and bash the enemy as you shred the platforms the hierarchy of Hell have been ruling from. We, as Believers and followers of Christ, will no longer tolerate nor participate with the plans of the enemy. 

Kat Kerr
The Revelation Zone with Kat Kerr

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