Thursday, August 16, 2018

More Peaches

       I picked most of the rest of the peaches--still from the same tree--today!  Fortunately, I have my trusty Mule.  I backed it under the tree and was able to reach most of them by standing in, or on the sides of the bed.
        What a great harvest we have had!   I'm surprised they have been such good peaches both in taste and quality.  There have been hardly any worms in these from this tree.  We had a yellow peach tree ripen earlier and almost every peach had a worm in it!
       As I mentioned before, we have had critters eat them the last few years before I could pick them, so I've picked them in stages just in case they come during the night to gobble up the rest.  This year for some reason, except for the deer that could reach the bottom branches, we haven't had a problem.
        The preserves and those I have put in the freezer are going to be so good this winter!


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