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"The Lord is Coming - Riding on a Red Horse" Johnny Enlow

I am always encouraged and excited about Johnny Enlow's words.  This one posted on The Elijah List today is no exception.

Zechariah 1:8"During the night I had a vision, and there before me was a MAN MOUNTED ON A RED HORSE..." 
This is what the Lord just spoke to me. Back in 2004, the Lord led me to Zechariah 1:8 and how He was then coming as "the man on the red horse." The context was that He was coming in a very interventionist mode and in a way He hadn't come in 40 years. As a sign, I spoke that there would be a 9 plus earthquake such as had come 40 years before in 1964, and that the point where kingdoms clash would be Indonesia. In December of that year, Indonesia experienced the powerful 9 plus earthquake that caused many regional deaths. The earthquake wasn't "judgment from God" but creation being moved by Him coming in. 
At that time, the Lord also asked me to "buy a red horse" so that as I ride it I could be in intercessory agreement with Him on Earth for how He would begin to intervene. I was very taken aback with the request until the Lord pointed out I was about to trade in my old car. Long story short, I ended up buying a red 2004 Ford Mustang that "happened" to be a 40th year anniversary special. There have been many supernatural things having to do with the 2004 red mustang and I still drive it. 
The Lord began speaking to me that His next level of interventionism as "the man on the red horse" is to take place now. It is not coincidental that the passage is Zecharaiah 1:8, and has a strong application for 2018. Furthermore Zechariah 1:1 starts out with, "In the eighth month of the second year of Darius, the word of the Lord came to the prophet Zechariah..."
Right now, we are in the 8th month (August) of Donald Trump's second year in office. The names Darius and Donald mean roughly the same thing "world ruler" or "lord". In this passage the Lord sends an angel out to bring a report on the nations. The angel comes back essentially telling the Lord that the nations were ignoring Him and that furthermore for "Jerusalem's sake" He, the Lord, should act. The Lord then responded with action as the passage shows. 
"A "highway of holiness" is going to suddenly open from sea to shining sea and it is what will be a seat belt of protection for us."
For us today, He is coming riding on a red horse, not to rapture us, but to advance His Kingdom purposes on Earth. The nations will be affected by this ride of His on a red horse. 
Red in Sports Tells the Story: His Blood will Set the Agenda
I am a prophetic decoder of truths that God hides in major sports results. It is not that all major sports results have a message but much like with Moses in Exodus 3, it is about paying attention to what is "on fire". Moses was not to turn aside to all bushes, but he was to turn aside to the burning bush, because out of it the Lord spoke to him. Moses did not hear anything UNTIL he turned aside to look at the burning bush and why it was not consumed. 
This year the Lord is loudly speaking for those who will turn aside, and a huge common theme is the color red. The color red is as seen above associated with God showing up in a very interventionist mode, it also speaks to us most powerfully of the Blood of Jesus and the reward due Him for His suffering. It cries out much greater than the blood of Abel and much greater than the sum total of all other spilt blood. It is greatly emphasized this year because the stronghold of advanced witchcraft that is being displaced is also based on the shedding of blood. It will now be obvious in the inability of any other blood sacrifice to compare or compete with the Blood of Jesus.
In our color template for the 7 mountains, red is also the color associated with the mountain of media, and this has been the mountain of huge focus this year. Media has been overrun by the demonic and by those who unwittingly serve the demonic. This all changes now.
The word I give here is not to be seen as a pro-Republican word, as they are under judgment as well, but it is related to the assignment Donald Trump carries and he is represented by the color red, which he frequently carries on his tie and on his hat. His political entrance was ordained to be through the Republican red. Now, I know many minorities in America are greatly bothered by the prophetic words that validate or support President Trump, but a message from God has to be spoken no matter who it is popular with. One of the "great awakenings" of this season is and will be minorities realizing how horribly they have been manipulated and played by the Democratic party "elite". It is going to be a shocking eye opener. It is not that the Republicans have been righteous, only that the Democrats have been particularly manipulative and insidious while having made nothing better. There is no point arguing about it now, but it will all become clear very soon. 
Here are five sports headliners of the year that each carry powerful prophetic truths. The color red is highly intertwined especially in the last example that you don't want to miss.
#1 Washington Caps Win NHL Championship: A Russian is Series MVP
The Washington Capitals won the NHL championship for the first time in their history and it is parabolically significant, and I believe even prophetically declaratory of what we will continue to see unfold in our capital. The Caps who carry the patriotic red, white and blue colors, were lead by series MVP Alex Ovechkin who wore a big red number 8 ("new beginnings") in the final. Their home colors are primarily red as well. Of perhaps controversial interest, Alex Ovechkin is Russian and the star of the team. (Photo via Wikipedia)
Prophetically it is finally time for patriotic celebration in DC and it will be related to the winning of the team in red. To the surprise of many the cleansing that is coming to DC will end up proving not only that there was no collusion between Russia and Trump but that a Russian component will have been very key to a good and righteous thing. Watch and see on this one.
#2 Alabama Crimson Tide Win the National Championship: A Red Wave in Midterms
The Alabama "Crimson Tide" won their 5th ("grace") National Championship in recent years defeating the Georgia Bulldogs (CNN home) with a late, spirited comeback led by a Hawaiian freshman quarterback. A brilliant halftime substitution by coach Nick Saban changed the whole game around. Nick means "victory of the people". Saban is a word that literally means "soap merchant". 
I believe that this football result "prophesies" an upcoming "crimson tide/red wave" in the upcoming midterm elections. Many will believe it not possible, but it will be not just a win but a historic "red wave" coming in. The man riding a red horse will come in on this red wave. It will be a victory for the American people and will be part of a great cleansing.
#3 Philadelphia Eagles Defeat N.E. Patriots: Prophets and Intercessors are Winning
Patriotism is indeed in and the New England Patriots defeated the "dirty birds" Atlanta Falcons (also home of CNN) in last year's Super Bowl. However, the message here is that as important as patriotism is, God is working more with His intercessors and His prophetic voices (symbolic of Eagles) than with patriotism. The coming victory is not dependent on Patriots, and so this should be encouraging to those who worry about that. 
It is the Blood of Jesus setting and pushing the agenda at this time, and because of that there is no stopping it. No crookedness, no conspiracy, no "deep state" attempts can stop the incoming Crimson Tide being seen and prophesied by His friends, the Eagles. The Philadelphia Eagles were led in the Super Bowl by MVP Nick Foles. We again have the name Nick meaning "victory of the people."
#4 Golden State Warriors Win NBA Finals: #35 Kevin Durant MVP Again
A main message from the NBA Finals is the fact that #35 Kevin Durant won the series MVP award for the second consecutive year. Isaiah 35 tells about "a highway of holiness" that would be central, and this is key. Last year's very rare total solar eclipse went from the West Coast to the East Coast and the path of totality was 35 miles wide. These 35s are not coincidental. On a map the stripe across the USA looked like a seat belt. There were 7 different cities named Salem that were in that path of totality. Salem means "peace".Yes, it draws our attention to Jerusalem as well, which has been big in the news since Trump declared she would be our embassy base, but it also has prophesied what is coming over America as we go through this justice wave. 
A "highway of holiness" is going to suddenly open from sea to shining sea and it is what will be a seat belt of protection for us. 7 is also an ongoing key number that speaks both of God and His 7 spirits, but also of the 7 mountains of society that are about to come under a new order of Salem/Shalom. Not coincidentally, Kevin Durant is 7 feet tall. Kevin means "handsome" and Durant means "enduring". This will be a beautiful awakening to righteousness and it will be an enduring theme.
#5 Man O' War, Secretariat and Justify: The Ride of the Red Horses
"Media has been overrun by the demonic and by those who unwittingly serve the demonic. This all changes now."
Perhaps no story better speaks of the theme of Him coming "riding a red horse." I have written much on Justify the amazing, Triple Crown winning horse of the year and how that relates prophetically to all things taking place this year (worth reading again). The script is playing out just like the sequence of the races and this is really a year to watch Justice/Justify triumph, even on a very muddy and foggy track. Things will be clear shortly and Justify will win.
What is perhaps less known is that Justify's nickname, given by trainer Bob Baffert, is "Big Red". Justify was named out of the book of Romans where among other things we are told that we are "justified by the Blood" (Romans 5:9). This really connects to the idea of the Lord coming riding a red horse. Furthermore, Justify is the third great horse to be known as "Big Red" and I don't find that coincidental either. Here are some brief highlights from the three "Big Reds":
• MAN O' WAR: He was voted the horse of the century, very slightly edging out Secretariat, though there is also strong opinion that Secretariat was the greatest. (Maybe like arguing who is greater, the Father or the Holy Spirit?) This horse lived for 30 years from 1917 to 1947 and won 20 of 21 races right after World War I. He was co-sportsman of the year in 1920, with Babe Ruth telling you how dominant and impressive he was. The only reason he didn't win the Triple Crown of racing was because his owner did not put him in the Kentucky Derby. Man O'War is perhaps most famous for the siring and bloodlines he engendered. He was the sire of the great War Admiral and also the grand sire of Sea Biscuit, the great overachiever. He was found 22 times in the bloodlines of American Pharaoh, the 2015 Triple Crown winner, that prophetically foretold of Donald Trump. His owner was Samuel Riddle, and even that tells us of a designed prophetic message from his life and history.
• SECRETARIAT: He was the historic horse that won the 1973 Triple Crown beating Sham, the horse that would have been the Triple Crown winner in any other year. Sham actually finished 4 lengths ahead of Secretariat in the race preceding the Kentucky Derby. We are meant to be reminded of Secretariat this year as he is representative of what God is turning His Church into and what the serious challenge of the moment has been.Secretariat means " a permanent government office or department". At his death it was discovered he had a heart 2.5 times larger than normal, which was the key to his winning ways. It is the Church becoming the true Ekklesia (Greek word "Jesus" used) of those called out from only spiritual meetings into occupying the 7 mountains of society. (Photo via Flickr)
Secretariat was sired by Bold Ruler and birthed to Somethingroyal and these are awesome and self-explanatory names. He also came from Man O'War's bloodline. His big rival, Sham, was sired by just can't make up this stuff. Sham means, "hoax, fraud, phony, fake etc." In the greatest horse race ever at the 1973 Belmont Stakes, Sham again greatly challenged Secretariat for almost 2/3 the race and then Secretariat broke Sham's "spirit" and took off. Sham ended up coming in last place – over 1/16th of a mile back – and NEVER raced again. 
Is this ever spot on for today. There is something powerful, but a Sham is about to be broken down and it will NEVER come back. Mainstream media has been the stable for the Sham.
• JUSTIFY: He has been talked about much already. He comes from the bloodlines of Man O'War as well as Secretariat. There are multiple other Triple Crown winners in his bloodline including War Admiral and Seattle Slew. Justify is the only horse to retire undefeated and his major foe was Good Magic ("sleight of hand, alternative power"), as well as the challenging conditions of the tracks. 
There is an unmistakable message for us today from the Lord saying He is coming to us as the Man riding a red horse. These are arguably the three greatest racing horses in history and you can see the Trinity representation showing up through them. Man O'War as the Father, Secretariat as the Holy Spirit (he raced when the Charismatic movement ignited), and now Justify speaking of the Son, and reminding us that it is the Blood of Jesus that sets the agenda for everything else.
May the Lamb who was slain receive the reward of His suffering! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Johnny Enlow
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