Wednesday, January 15, 2020

A good word from Steve Schultz

Steve Schultz, Founder and President of The Elijah List says:

 As odd as it may seem, many people in the Body of Christ are completely missing the Voice and the direction of God about our President, Donald J. Trump.

     What do I mean when I say they are missing it?

     I mean, many write to us and, in one way or another, they are expecting our president to act as if he is the Pastor in Chief of the United States. This is NOT the will of God and those words and those thoughts are NOT COMING FROM GOD. President Trump is not our Pastor in Chief. That role belongs to the Good Shepherd Himself, Jesus Christ. . .

 Strong Christians should, long ago, have QUIT JUDGING THIS PRESIDENT (or any president) simply because they don't like his language or his approach to Twitter or anything else. The only discernment going on should involve these:

1)What policies is this president putting into place?
2)What is God saying in this hour for this president (or any president)?
3)What is God saying TO YOU about how you must pray?
4)What is God saying about what is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to DO with the revelation He gives you?

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