Monday, January 27, 2020

"Embracing Your New Season: Are You Ready for a Wild Ride?" Kathie Walters, Macon, GA

Every day is an adventure with God if we approach it that way so I try to be always ready and expecting.  Therefore, I love this confirming word from Kathy Walters.

When I was ministering at a conference at Redemption House Life Center last year, I kept looking toward the back of the room and saw very vivid colors. Then the colors began to change, and suddenly, in the middle of it, I saw the angel of change. I have seen him twice before, and he had his silver oil jug with him. The anointing began to fall strong and I knew he was anointing people for change.
Your Season Is Changing
The season is changing; your season is changing, like it or not, because God is moving. You can embrace change and have an adventure or resist and make your own life uncomfortable. No one can make you as uncomfortable as the Comforter.
Keep your antenna up so that you don't keep doing just as you've been doing, carrying on in an old anointing. I have been in churches where they have sung songs from moves of God 25 years ago. The same anointing comes back because there is a connection through the songs. What comes out of a move can keep you tied to it. God is going to have us ditch a lot of religion this year because He is making room for HIMSELF.
When your mind is cluttered with religious mindsets (which often we don't realize), they block the light of revelation. There are spirits attached to strong mindsets, and people become immovable. Even if you are old, you don't have to be stiff. Elderly people sometimes get arthritis – well, spiritually, churches can get arthritis too. People can get spiritual arthritis if they aren't open. I'm sure, at some point, you've been confronted with something spiritual that you haven't seen before, and you were jolted, maybe even offended. Well, that will prevent you from flowing on with the next wave.
God isn't asking for our approval or our permission. I think you are going to be quite amazed at yourself by the end of 2020. "Let go and let God have His way."
Where Do You Get Your Information?
Some people take the suggestions of doctors more seriously than what the Lord says or instructs them to do with their health. Eating from the tree of the knowledge of good is as much death as eating from the tree of the knowledge of evil – it is the same tree. 
Where do you get your information? From the tree of knowledge, or from the Tree of Life (Jesus)? Turning a deaf ear to Him can also bring a deaf spirit.
Every move restores a truth, and it brings new songs and different ways of doing things. It brings vitality and excitement. God has His own purpose in a new season. Sometimes people are called for a season, but when the season is over, they don't discern the change and carry on just the same. And the "good thing" becomes a hindrance to the "God thing."
Just be open. Sometimes a door opens, and when you go through it, you find yourself in a different garden than you thought.
Open Doors
This season is on us. I wonder what it will bring for you and me? You have to listen, God doesn't leave you wandering around the Hundred Acre Wood like Pooh Bear, looking for honey.
Years ago, when the Lord opened a door in Macon, GA, I was a bit horrified. I even sat up in bed and told God that I wasn't a "Macon" person. But God and Bob Jones made it very clear, and so my family and I came. We have a lovely, large house and offices on three acres. It is so peaceful and perfect for resting when I am not traveling. 
Before this, in another season of my life, I remember God told us to leave Gainesville, FL (where we resided at the time), but He hadn't told us where to go next. My husband David was on a ministry trip, so we put our stuff in storage and I took off with my two girls and a wild, Irish prophetess friend called Bernie. We drove up through GA and TN and NC – still not sure where we were going. 
Suddenly, I had a call from a friend I had not seen for about 5 years. I still don't know how she got my cell phone number. She said, "I have a word for you from the Lord." "Oh really?" I replied. I was shocked at hearing from her out of the blue. She said, "The Lord says, 'You can live wherever you like for two years.'" (You know, I hadn't even thought of what I would like, as I was too busy thinking about what God would like.)
It took a couple of days to think about it. Then I realized how much I had enjoyed the mountains and the "Englishness" of Charlottesville, VA. So, we drove up and found a beautiful house on a glassy lake. The back of the house was all glass, overlooking the lake. It was beautiful and a great price – we had a wonderful time. Two years later, we had our supernatural move to Macon, GA.
So, as this season turns, be flexible and well oiled.
Sailing on the Peregrini Boat – Are You Ready for a Wild Ride?
In the 5th-7th century in Ireland, some of the monks left the monasteries and got into a little boat off the shores of Ireland. The boat had no rudder and no oars, just a sail. They trusted God to send the winds to take them where they were supposed to go. They were called the "Peregrini." I would say that those people had a spirit of abandonment to the purposes of God.
How about getting in that "Peregrini boat"? Are you ready for a wild ride? We only have one life to live down here; we might as well have an adventure. Who wants to die bored? Not me, I want to die laughing or fighting.
As the seasons turn, we will fly high. No striving and no trying. By faith you can ask God for a word; He will release it in your faith as you believe.
To the older generation: You have a great opportunity to do some things you haven't been able to do before...If your kids have flown the coup, you can fly too.
Kathie Walters
Good News Ministries


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