Saturday, February 1, 2020

'The Fog Attacking Forerunners' by Lana Vawser

I am so encouraged by this word from Lana Vawser which was released through Global Prophetic Voice today!  I don't consider myself a forerunner, but I certainly have felt discouraged and 'in a fog' lately.  That is basically what I was praying about this morning.  Isn't the Lord so good to send encouragement when we ask?  I'm sure you will also be uplifted when you read it.  I am posting it not only for you, but for me to read again and again.

'The Fog Attacking Forerunners' by Lana Vawser 

There is an incredible increase of the pioneering anointing being released in the body of Christ right now and there are many forerunning what God is going to do and release in the body of Christ in this new era. 

The Lord showed me that many of these forerunners are carrying significant revelation and wisdom for this new era and what God is going to do, but they have also been battling a fog, a heaviness and almost a disorientation. The Lord showed me that there is an attack from the enemy right now against many of these pioneers to STEAL REVELATION through many different ways.

I heard the Holy Spirit say:

“Forerunners the greatest release of My wisdom, discernment, divine insight and understanding is available to you right now and the enemy is doing all he can to hinder you stepping into this new realm. The more he pushes and attempts to steal the revelation I am releasing to you through confusion, a slumbering spirit, unusual discourage and despair ad heaviness, push back harder by seeking Me and feasting on My Word. Dig your heels into the ground and do not move. For the enemy is pushing hard, but the truth is, you are now about to press through into the greatest level of divine wisdom, revelation and understanding for this new era.”


The Lord continued to speak:

“Forerunners, the divine wisdom, insight, revelation, discernment and understanding I am releasing right now is going to bring forth RAPID and RADICAL REFORMATION on a scale you have never seen. The level of impact, influence, shift and complete reform that will be seen through the release and implementation of My wisdom is unprecedented. This is why the battle is so fierce, but I declare over you today that the battle is about to break, and the banks are about to break. The battle has been fierce, but it is about to break and release the BANKS OF REVELATION, DIVINE WISDOM, INSIGHT AND UNDERSTANDING into your life and ministry that will change everything, bringing rapid reformation.”

The major increase of divine wisdom that is being released upon the forerunners right now that are seeking God for His wisdom, is unprecedented and the Lord showed me that there is a huge tidal wave of DIRECTION that is coming upon you. God is going to be giving you more and more SPECIFIC CLARITY and UNDERSTANDING on how to implement the WISDOM of God in specific DIRECTIONS. Many have been hearing divine wisdom for this new era but have been unsure of how to walk it out or what it looks like in the natural. There has also been a heavy attack of confusion and disorientation, but the Lord is bringing even greater clarity of DIRECTION. The fog will and is lifting.

I heard the Lord say:
“The distraction is intense because all I have for you is about to gain greater TRACTION”

I have had many encounters with the Lord about the tidal wave that is beginning to gain momentum in the body of Christ in this new era, but is going to increase in velocity and intensity in this new era, and there is a SWIFT deliverance upon forerunners right now. There has been such a battle to keep many forerunners down, in a corner, fighting for their lives in many ways, but the battle is breaking and the torments and attacks of the enemy that have come against you, they are about to stop. Also the areas where you have been crying out to the Lord for deliverance from, I prophesy over you that there is SWIFT deliverance by the hand of God upon you right now.

OVERNIGHT you will move from surviving to THRIVING by the hand of God.

The enemy has fought so hard to keep you in a place of limitation because the Lord will use you in astonishing ways in this era to bring deliverance to others and to see them move into a place of thriving, fruitfulness and abundance.


I also had a vision and I saw demonic figures lurking around the ears of the forerunners. The enemy was whispering such words of “condemnation” into the ears of these forerunners, it was like a constant assault lately.

The Lord spoke:

“Forerunners, there is an attack of your ears by the voice of condemnation because this is the era of your EARS being anointed to HEAR from Me like NEVER before and the era of your VOICE being released in the earth without limitation and hindrance. My voice through you is going to RESOUND louder than ever in this new era. There has been such a long battle over your ears and your voice but I declare unto you today that you have entered the era of INCREASE upon your EARS and your VOICE and you shall find a rest in the HEARING like never before. Pick up your sword and stand against these voices of condemnation and shut down anything raising itself up against the knowledge of who I am and who you are in Me. Your voice will be used to release My truth and your ears will hear My voice with such clarity and there will be such joy in this greater realm of divine revelation and wisdom, that you will remember the battles you have faced, with pain and weariness, no more. Many of you I am raising up now in My wisdom to be a voice of divine DIRECTION to many who are lost and feeling lost.”

“We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to Christ.” ( 2 Corinthians 10:5)


I heard the Lord say:

“Forerunners, the elevation of increase and promotion has arrived”

I saw the elevator open and ready for the forerunners to step in, but what I noticed was the entry pass had two words on it “humility” and “faithfulness”

The forerunners that have been walking in humility and faithfulness to the Lord are entering into this new realm of promotion and increase, and much of the turbulence has also been because of this elevation and promotion that is upon them.

Forerunners, the assignments the Lord has for you in this new era are like nothing you have walked in before, in the level of increase, influence and responsibility He is entrusting to you. The level of divine wisdom, revelation, insight and understanding available to you right now to bring reformation, is unprecedented. So the battle has raged fiercely, but it’s breaking. It’s also a time to ferociously go after what is yours in Christ and stand in your authority and take MUCH TIME to hear the wisdom of the Lord and not run ahead.

This is a time unlike any other. A time that you will take your place in the earth like never before. Don’t shrink back, don’t run away, don’t hide in a cave, arise and keep pushing into Him and pushing back against what the enemy is throwing at you, because you are moving into a whole new realm of walking in divine wisdom, revelation and understanding.
Lana Vawser:

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