Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Sunscreen Safety

      If you are a sunscreen user, you might want to read this article, Sunscreen Safety Questioned Yet Again, by Dr. Mercola.  I rarely apply sunscreen unless I'm going to be in the bright sun, especially near water, for extended periods of time, because I have read that the use of sunscreen prohibits the body from absorbing vitamin D from the sun and is therefore one of the reasons for the epidemic of vitamin D deficiency.  When we went to Kauai in November I discovered many sunscreens are banned there.  We were only allowed to use "reef-safe" sunscreen.  I concluded that if the ingredients in sunscreen were destroying the coral reef those ingredients were probably not safe for my skin either.  After reading the above article I see that was a very good conclusion.  I will now be sure to use only sunscreen with "reef-safe" in the description.

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