Monday, June 29, 2020

Fear & The Coronavirus

How are you doing amid all this negative news of the Coronavirus?  Are you tursting the Lord to see you through?  Or are you fearful?  Afraid to go anywhere?  Afraid to congregate?  Afraid of those not wearing masks?  Afraid to go out without a mask?

Have you checked with God to see what He thinks your attitude should be?  Didn't He say, "Be anxious for nothing...?"  or "God hasn't given you a spirit of fear..." or "Fear not..."?
Do you realize that when we fear we are disobeying God and therefore sinning?  Isn't it time to repent, to trust Him, and to get about our/His business?  I can't imagine His business includes cowering in our homes, not going to church, not meeting with friends and family, not enjoying nature, not helping others.  How blindly we have been led by fear and those who hide behind saying it is in our best interest, but who instead are manipulating us with fearful reports for political gain.  Shame on them, and shame on us for following them.

In the beginning I, too, was cautious because we didn't know what we were dealing with, and because the goal for staying home was so that the infection of the virus would be slowed down and hospitals wouldn't be overwhelmed.  But then, of course, that didn't happen and it became obvious this was a power play by fear mongering politicians and global leaders to control our actions.  It is time to stand up.  You cannot hide from a virus.  If you think you can, you might want to read this article entitled A Hypervigilant Mom Followed Every Health Guideline. She Still Caught the Coronavirus. (FYI: Her symptoms were so mild she wouldn't even have known she had something which is being called a serious threat, if she hadn't gone for testing because of her fear.  How much she stressed herself (and is still stressing) about the virus because of the brainwashing we have been going through!

Wouldn't it be much more helpful if the government would publicize articles like this:  Is This Vitamin Better Than a Mask for COVID-19? by Dr. Mercola, in which he sites research into how effective Vitamin D3 is in building the immune system and repelling viruses.  Even though a huge portion of the population is deficient in this vitamin, the news media and authorities dealing with the virus make no mention of this fact.

It is time to educate ourselves and stop being sheep looking for a shepherd to follow.   The only shepherd we need is our Father God who knows what we need and will guide us into finding it if we will only look to Him.

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