Sunday, June 21, 2020

Trump holds MAGA rally in Tulsa, OK

    Watch this rally and then tell me why you would consider voting for anyone else!

    I've heard the criticism.  People don't like the way he talks.  They don't think he acts presidential. They don't like his history.  They don't like the way he looks, or they think he is arrogant, etc. etc. etc.  Have you looked at President Trump's record?  He has done more for this country, which I believe he truly loves, than any previous President.  He is a supporter of freedom of religion.  He is a supporter of Israel.  He has done more for blacks than any other President.  He has done more for the economy.  Don't listen to the naysayers, or judge by appearances!  Do the research--look at the record!  I believe he is God's man to lead this country and restore our honor.  I believe he is destined to expose the corruption we have been living under for decades.  Look at the evil that has already been exposed.  Can't you see why he gets such negative reviews from the media?  They are part of the campaign to destroy him before he can destroy them.  I am so grateful!
      If you believe in prayer, not only would I suggest you pray for our president, but that you would pray for discernment if you have been talking against our president.  Doesn't the Bible say, "Do not touch God's anointed?"  Wouldn't it be a good idea to find out if President Trump is one of those before you disparage him?
     How impressed are you by the Democrats?  Have you heard them state they hate this country?  They are embarrassed by it.  They think it is 'racial' to Make America Great Again.  Do you like the way the states and cities run by Democrats are going right now?  Do you agree with their destruction of these cities?  Or the murder of innocent bystanders, or of the disrespect for police officers? Or the tearing down of statues?  How can you even consider supporting this with your vote?
     I understand that years ago Democrats appeared to be supporters of the 'little guy' but that has changed.  It is time to rethink who you will vote for.  Just because you've always been a Democrat you can no longer hide behind that fact.  It's time to decide what you want this country to look like.
      Those of you who want President Trump to win MUST vote in November.  There is an all out war to destroy this country.  We do not want to be a Socialist--or a Communist--country.  Do the research if you are one of those who thinks we do.  You do not keep the freedoms you now enjoy under Socialism.  Some people seem to think we do.  Check it out.  Anyone living in a Socialist country now would gladly change places with you, if that is what you are looking for.

                               VOTE!! VOTE!! VOTE!!    And Pray!! Pray!! Pray!!


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Anonymous said...

100% agree with this Brenda. 👏👏👏