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Passover, April 30, Pentecost: Did We Miss Something? Johnny Enlow

Sorry to post two long posts today but both are excellent so I didn't want to delay posting them.  Both are from The Elijah List.

Have you been wondering if the prophets 'missed it' on their Passover and Pentecost prophecies?  Johnny Enlow addresses that concern in this message.

Passover, April 30, Pentecost: Did We Miss Something?  Johnny Enlow

A question so many of you have had is regarding some heavily prophesied dates that have come and gone. Did we miss something? Passover was prophesied by many, including myself, as being the most significant since Jesus was the sacrificial Lamb on the Cross. April 30 was prophesied as a date the coronavirus would be shattered. There were several children that had supernatural revelation from God regarding that day. Then Pentecost, occurring the last weekend of May, was also prophesied by me and others as being the most significant since Acts 2. Pentecost Sunday was then the day the riots broke out and the George Floyd matters took over everyone's attention.

This has led many to wonder, Did we get these dates and events wrong? Did something happen more than we perceived? Were the prophets and the revelatory children just all deceived or misled by their own desires? The short answer to "Were we deceived?" is NOT AT ALL!  Let me explain.
Passover and Pentecost Are Happening All Year
Though Passover and Pentecost had dates attached to them that coincide with the Hebrew calendar, here in 2020, they are ongoing realities. In essence, 2020, as a year, is about a lengthy Passover and a lengthy Pentecost. There was something big that happened on the exact dates of both, but since the Passover rescue operation is worldwide, it is still ongoing and in different sequences, depending on where. Likewise, the Pentecost outpouring did take place on the Pentecost dates—but the outpourings continue to show up in waves.

I personally experienced a Pentecost infilling and empowering, as did thousands who were with us on a Facebook LIVE on May 29. Watch that video and you, too, might experience it (James Goll, Rita Springer, Elizabeth, Justice, and Grace were with me for it).

Being rescued and being empowered by the Holy Spirit are operations from Heaven for all of 2020. It is not over if you somehow believe you missed it. Our nation and the world are in the midst of a major Passover rescue operation from Heaven. Much did happen during Passover week itself, but will be revealed later.
April 30? Coronavirus Gone?
This brings us to the April 30 date. A 7-year-old boy had nightly, vivid dreams where God told him of the coronavirus, "This will end on April 30th." Several other children had similar dreams, visions, or experiences. Some I did not report on. It was too much and too many to ignore; and furthermore, it tied in with a Passover "rescue operation" that several of us saw.

Why is COVID-19 still in the news then? As many of you know, prophetic fulfillment often looks different than imagined. John the Baptist—who was the very one who prophesied Jesus as the Messiah in his forerunner-preaching throughout Judea—when imprisoned by Herod, sent word to Jesus: "Are You the Christ or are we waiting for another?"

Can you imagine second-guessing that level of prophetic fulfillment? When it seemed time was up on potential, prophetic fulfillment, Abraham and Sarah both doubted God's personal word to Abraham that he would be father of descendants "as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore" (see Genesis 22:17). Yet, the word spoken came back around and was greatly fulfilled.

I could go on and on with these examples. The point is that prophetic fulfillment often lacks the "zinger" effect we desire, but often looking back, we note how amazing it was. Jesus and His disciples didn't plan a Passover date for His crucifixion so that the whole world moving forward would be blessed by the marvel of the timing. It just happened on Passover; and even while it was happening it didn't seem so marvelous. It was the same with Pentecost. The disciples didn't plan to wait in Jerusalem for an alignment of the Hebrew calendar and their waiting for the Holy Spirit. It seemed delayed and random, and a few hundred left the waiting room because of it. Then, suddenly, a sound like a mighty rushing wind happened, and then as observers looked back, it became amazing to realize it had happened in coordination with the Hebrew calendar.

All that to say, some demonic empowerment of the COVID-19/coronavirus was broken off on April 30. The fear and projection of it ended for those aware of the truth surrounding it. A virus with a death rate in line with the seasonal flu was revealed to us at that time—confirmed by even the CDC; a virus that was symptomless for perhaps 80% of recipients, marginal for another 18%, severe for 2% (specifically if they were older and otherwise health compromised). But then even of those, a high percentage could be cured, if the known HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine), zinc and AZ (Azithromycin) combo were used. Truly, the coronavirus should be done as a newsworthy story, but surreptitious elements keep it around for other political purposes. There are also conflicting reports from the WHO if masks and social distancing really change anything—and yet that practice keeps going on around the world.

Truly, just as humans have not come into alignment with the Cross—where Jesus paid the price for everything to be dealt with—and so it LOOKS like another price has to be paid; so it is the same today. When Jesus said, "It is finished," it was. There would be no more sacrifice to come. So we have a virus that "it is finished" should be applied to, yet in various, sinister and mind-boggling ways it is given life and so continues to needlessly quarantine, bring fear, destroy economies, and bring death.

The ridiculousness of it reminds me of the (non-recommended!) 1989 movie, "Weekend at Bernie's," where Bernie is murdered, but two young men pretend he is still alive in order to be able to fulfill their plans. In the movie, Bernie is hilariously dragged about and posed with in order to deceive. In real life, it is not so hilarious. COVID-19 should be a dead story, not because it isn't a health consideration, but because it is much less a health consideration than many, many other things not making the news.
Conclusion: 2 Chronicles 20:20
My simple conclusion is this: "Believe his prophets and you will prosper." That is the 2 Chronicles 20:20 word of the year for 2020. As in that passage, there are multiple armies surrounding us and disorienting us. Believe what God is saying through His prophets and move forward in praising God for victory. This historic, stormy, and confusing year of 2020 will produce the big bang reward it was prophesied to do. The best is yet to come.

Johnny Enlow
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