Thursday, July 2, 2020

Pastor Dana's Dreams

      Have you seen the video of Pastor Dana from Kentucky sharing what he thought to be prophetic dreams?  A friend sent it to me yesterday.  I watched and was disturbed, confused, and even a little fearful.  Pastor Dana seems very sincere and seems to believe what he is sharing, but the dreams  contradicted much of what I had heard others prophesy, and they caused in me the kinds of feelings I attribute to the devil, not God--like fear, anxiety, hopelessness, confusion, etc.  I know God sometimes gives warning dreams, though, and did not want to be unaware, or unprepared, if these were from Him.  That caused me to look to see if any of the prophets I trust had anything to say that confirmed his dreams.  Instead I found this--a response to the dreams from Johnny Enlow which says what I think I was sensing in my spirit:

Prophetic Response to Pastor Dana’s Dreams by Johnny Enlow                                                                                     A pastor Dana from Kentucky has released a set of dreams that have garnered a huge amount of attention. Many have been sending me these dreams asking my thoughts on them. I will right upfront, boldly and bluntly tell you they are not the will of God for us, and secondly that the sharing of the dreams violates all sorts of prophetic protocol. . . Continue reading here

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Anonymous said...

Hey Brenda! I haven't personally listened to pastor Dana's dreams, but the way you described how they made you feel is how I have felt reading and listening to the behind the scenes of all of this COVID junk. God kept telling me to stop going down the rabbit hole and listen to HIM, Look to HIM. He loves us! He knows what we need.