Wednesday, July 1, 2020

This unrest is not about compromise, it is about absolute control.

Read this excellent article, "Coming for Christ" by Arnold Ahlert from The Patriot Post.  (I highly recommend you subscribe to their daily email newsletter and other publications.)   Here is an excerpt from Mr. Ahlert's article:

...It is absolutely critical that decent Americans understand one thing above all else: The mob is not the least bit interested in compromise or reconciliation. Every concession made by people who consider themselves reasonable and decent will be met by demands for further concessions. And until they reach the point of absolute control, the mob's appetite will never be satisfied.
That's not politics. It's human nature, and as such people will be forced to take a side, even those naive enough to believe being "down with the cause" offers them exemption. There is no exemption, and in November, the electorate will be presented with one of the clearest choices in history:
One can vote for civilization, the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and freedom of religion — or one can vote for Democrats.

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