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"Prophesy! Everyone You Meet Is Crying for a Power Encounter!" Emma Stark

Are you familiar with Emma Stark's ministry?  Three times in the last few days the Lord has brought her to my attention, so I know He is showing me she has something to say that I need to hear.  After a couple of the encounters, I ordered her new book, The Prophetic Warrior.  It arrived Saturday and I began to devour it.  I love this book!  It is inspiring, equipping, encouraging, and mind-expanding!  I highly recommend it!

Last week The Elijah List published one of her articles.  I thought it would be good to post it here so you can get an idea of her writing style and the incredible experiences in God she expects daily.  I want to be like Emma!!

The Pregnant Shop Assistant
I love to shop for shoes. I love to go shoe shopping with God, hearing what He thinks about colors, for example. In our shopping conversations I might ask God questions like why He made red (a personal favorite of mine), what He likes about red, what the color communicates when it's used in art, what it heals when painted on a wall, or how He speaks through the color when it's worn as clothing.
One day I was clutching what were soon-to-be the newest additions to my collection of red high heels, and I was walking toward the checkout line to pay for them. As I did so, God said to me, "I like those shoes in your hand. I sometimes wear red shoes. Now, go prophesy over the young girl at the cash register."
At that very moment, a divinely orchestrated series of events began to occur; the line suddenly disappeared, and all the checkout operators—except one—instantly shut their registers and left the payment area. God had completely set things up to the point that the only people anywhere around were me and the young girl He had told me to prophesy to.
I set my shoes down on the counter in front of her and said, "Hi, I'm Emma. I'm a prophet who hears from God."
The young woman looked stunned. This is a normal response when I'm introducing myself, but if you don't tell people what you carry from God, how will anyone make a withdrawal from you? She responded with the question that almost everyone asks at this point:
"Well, what does He say about me?"
"God says you are going to be a really good mum," I replied.
She began to weep. Through her tears she blurted out to me that she had just found out she was pregnant and had told no one, not even her boyfriend, and that she had an abortion booked for Thursday.
"This morning I prayed for the first time ever," she sobbed. "I said to God, 'God, if You're even real, would You please tell me what to do about my pregnancy?'"
As she wiped away her tears, a resolve began to grow on her face. With determination she said, "If God says that I'm going to be a really good mum, then I'm going to ask for time away from my till right now so that I can phone up and cancel my abortion."
And that is exactly what she did!
Hard-Wired with Hunger for Jesus
I believe that every dentist, hairdresser, shop assistant, pizza delivery person, nail technician, waiter, school mum that I rub shoulders with in the school playground, my children's teachers, the person on the plane that I'm sitting next to—everyone—is crying out to have a power encounter with Jesus, even though they don't yet realize it! Everyone you meet is crying out to have a power encounter with Jesus!
Hard-wired into each one of them is a deep hunger for Jesus. Psalm 2 explains that Jesus is the "desire of nations." He put a yearning for Himself in us all. We turn up, power filled, with spiritual gifts, and become spiritual midwives as people are birthed into a relationship with Jesus.
Trust me, very few people ever refuse a prophetic word or turn down the opportunity to have a dream interpreted, to be healed, or to be delivered when it is offered to them! (Photo via Unsplash)
Spiritual gifts, given from the place of all power by the King of all authority, must find a way out in everyday life to meet all the people we interact with.
Spiritual gifts must find a way out in everyday life to meet all the people we interact with.
Prophesying at the Makeup Counter
A particular favorite of mine is to prophesy over the teams that man the makeup counters of department stores in shopping malls.
These ladies (and occasionally men) are always looking for conversations and interaction, and I love my makeup. It's a perfect combination!
One day a makeup assistant was helping me apply a new foundation and was busy matching my skin color when she asked me that universal conversation starter, "What do you do for a living?"
Asking Jesus for what response was needed for this moment, I replied, "I'm a dream interpreter. You have a repetitive dream about bees, don't you? Tell me about it."
She shared her dream about bees with me, and I listened to the Holy Spirit so that I could know what God meant by it.
I made a start to explain her dream to her, but as soon as she found out that it was a message from God, she began to weep so much that we had to swap places; she slumped into the makeup seat, her body heaving with tears, and I opened all the drawers of her counter in order to find some tissues!
"Does God really think about me? Does God really talk to me? I didn't think He knew or cared. How did I not know it was Him until now? Wow, oh, wow! He speaks to me..." Her words were tumbling out of her, and I hadn't even begun to interpret her dream yet!
The dream happened to be about the lady's son, who had left home. Through the dream, God had been showing this precious mother that He had been looking after them both—but all this seemed entirely secondary to her in this moment. She was simply and completely undone to find out that God bothered about her enough to want to communicate with her.
That day she ran with ease into the arms of the Savior who purchased her life on the Cross, even as my foundation and mascara were bought and paid for.
She was simply and completely undone to find out that God bothered about her enough to want to communicate with her.
More Makeup Adventures
Another day, another makeup counter, and the conversation began in the same way.
"What do you do for a living?"
This time, "I'm a prophet and I hear from God."
"Oh! That's a bit different! Does He have anything to say to me?"
On this occasion, like many, it was not the length of the prophetic word spoken or even how "deep" it sounded to my ears, but simply that I knew that I had been entrusted with power from Jesus, even in a sentence: "You have been obsessed with grief and can't shake it, but Jesus wants to heal it."
That's all I had to say, but the sentence cut deeply into her and she cried out, "My sister and friend have both just died of cancer. I can't shift the overwhelming, morbid focus on death. I used to go to church, and I believe in Jesus. He really knows me, and I had forgotten! If Jesus can heal my heart, I am going to go back to Him and back to church this Sunday!" (Photo via Pexels)
She grabbed me and hugged me, thrilled to be known and to be in connection with her Savior. I paid for my makeup and marveled at how Jesus trusts us with the ability to bring transformational, life-changing words in a one-minute chat.
Prophecy at a Cessationist Church
"Why on Earth have they invited me here?" I wondered as I stood up to minister in a church that I'd never been to before. The people didn't look in any way open to the Holy Spirit; they had never had a visit from a prophet, and all in all, they looked very displeased to see me there! I sighed internally and made a mental note to check my invitations more fully before accepting them in the future. Forcing a smile, I took the microphone and quietly asked God: "Would You please give me a 'killer' prophetic word so that I can try to get us all working together here?"
God replied, "Yes. Go and publicly deal with that young lady's infertility."
"No, Lord, that is not a great idea! Can I have another word please?"
"No," He said, "just deal with her first."
I was aware of the awkward silence in the room as I wrestled some more with God.
As I walked toward the young woman, the very first words that church ever heard a prophet say were, "I would like to deal with your infertility. Oh, hang on, God has just said that it's not you, it's your husband. Is he here?"
Her husband wasn't present, and the shocked, concerned, sharp intake of breath from everyone was clearly audible.
God then told me to pray very specifically, and so I turned to face the congregation and said, "I am sorry if this offends you. I am going to pray something very fast, so that you can forget it if you don't like it. God has said to this woman that 'You will conceive and bear children if I bless your husband's sperm.' I bless your sperm to be 'commando' in Jesus' name."
At this the church pastor jumped to his feet and grabbed the microphone from my hand. I thought I was about to be marched out!
But instead he began to weep and said, "The young man who you are praying for is my son. He has had years of treatment for leukemia and was finally discharged from the hospital last week. Our final question to the consultant was, 'Will he ever have children?' We prayed for a sign that we would be grandparents, and you have answered all our prayers."
From that moment on the whole service took a radical upturn!
It's time to decree out loud over yourself so that you can hear it:
What God has put in me will change lives. I have been entrusted with weaponized gifts from the most powerful place in all of Heaven and Earth.
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(Used by permission via Destiny Image)
Emma Stark
Glasgow Prophetic Centre


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Wow Brenda so interesting! God put this Emma Stark in front of me as well this week. I didn't pay much attention until I saw your post. This was so moving for me. I'd love to hear your review of the book and what you learned.