Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Gathering

    As of right now, we are calling our new adventure, The Gathering.  We will check on the availability of that name when we apply for our tax ID number.  Hopefully, it is available.  We feel the name is a description of what we are doing.  We are a group of people gathering to know Jesus at a deeper level.  It is our desire to allow the Holy Spirit to teach us how to be Jesus' disciples because we know He said we are to go into all the world to preach the word with power, and signs and wonders will follow, and we don't see that in many churches today.   We are gathering together to learn what, when, why, and how He did the things He did, and to practice allowing Him to do the same things through us.  We expect this will happen through loving one another and sharing testimonies, inviting guest speakers, watching DVD series of anointed teachers, worship, prayer, and any other way the Lord leads.  It is our desire that each meeting will be Spirit-led, so there will be no set schedule--only a loosely held agenda.
     Since we do not see ourselves as a church--in the commonly held definition of the word, but only a group of people gathering to know Jesus at a deeper level, and to learn to do the things he did, it seemed to us the best time to meet would be Sunday nights at 6:00, so as not to be in competition with churches in the area.  All who are searching for, and desiring more of God, are invited to come whether you regularly attend church or not.  This is for everyone, who, deep in his/her heart, knows there is something more and wants to experience it.  Jesus said He came to give us abundant life.  If you aren't experiencing "abundant life" then come learn how with us at The Gathering.  It will be an exciting, life-changing adventure for all of us.
    Our plans are to begin this Sunday night watching the DVD series "Seven Prayers That Heal The Heart," with Mark Virkler.  (As I mentioned, though, our plans are subject to change if the Holy Spirit leads us a different way.)  It seemed to us this DVD series would be good to begin with because it's our desire to be free of anything that keeps us from loving, knowing and serving God.  We know that through things that happen to us in life we make wrong decisions and feel regret, or we get hurt, feel rejected, and can't let go of our anger because of our pain.  This series will help us pray through, and release those things that hinder us from doing what Jesus said to do.  We invite you to come participate with us in becoming all that God created us to be--representatives of His kingdom on earth.  I don't know about you, but I feel a real sense of responsibility to not misrepresent him, and I know that I have, and I do.  I want to learn to be a better disciple.
     I would be glad to answer any questions you have if you want to email them to me.  I hope to see you Sunday.

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