Friday, November 25, 2011


     We had a great time with family yesterday.  I hope you did, too.
     As I mentioned in an earlier post that since our daughter's family is here for Thanksgiving and won't be for Christmas I decided to decorate the house early for Christmas.  We were able to pick up our tree--it is 11 feet tall--on Wednesday.  We immediately set it up in the living room so the branches could come down from being wrapped tightly for transport.
    Since my sister volunteered to put the lights on--which I really don't like to do, we brought in the ladder and left the bare tree standing till after Thanksgiving  dinner.  She did a great job with the lights even though there were a couple of problems with extension cords burning out.

    The tall ladder was a great attraction for the grandchildren so I had lots of help hanging the ornaments.
    It was fun and an opportunity to make memories.

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Lincy said...

Wow!!!!! Looks like a lot of fun!