Saturday, November 5, 2011

What an exciting football game we attended this afternoon!

    Our grandsons, Daniel & Parker, play football with the Marshall football team.  Marshall had an undefeated season this year so they are now involved in the state championship playoffs.  This afternoon was the 2nd game of the playoffs.  We played Bismark-Henning.  Marshall led most of the game, 14-0, but then in the 4th quarter Bismark scored two touchdowns and went for 2 points on the last one to bring the score to 15-14 with 17 seconds left to play in the game.  Almost everyone watching the game thought it was over, but we had a wonderful surprise awaiting us!
    Bismark kicked off to Marshall and the clock started ticking.  Marshall threw an incomplete pass, but pass interference was called on Bismark so the penalty moved the ball closer to Marshall's goal on the play.  With only 6 seconds left, the Marshall's quarterback sent the ball flying for a long pass from the 42 yard line to a player near the end zone.  The ball was slightly out of reach of the player who tried to catch the ball but instead tipped it.  The clock buzzer rang just as another Marshall player dove for the tipped ball, catching it on the ground in the end zone for a touchdown and Marshall won 20-15.  Absolutely amazing!
     Now Marshall is 11-0 for their season wins.  I really believe the Lord is showing me something with 11's.  Remember the World Series game we attended which I wrote about a few days ago, when the Cardinals won the 6th game of the series in the 11th inning and then went on to win their 11th World Series Championship in the year 2011?  Both the Marshall game and the Cardinals game seemed to be miracle wins.  I'm wondering if the message isn't that we are never to give up--that when things in our lives look impossible and we are about to despair, to remember that all things are possible with God.  Could that even be a message for our country?
      I believe The Call Detroit, a 24 hour solemn assembly to be held at Ford Field in Detroit is another important eleven.  The date for the assembly is 11-11-11 to 11-12-11, 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  I think another reason I am seeing so many elevens is to be reminded to pray, particularly on 11-11-11 with the thousands who will be gathered to pray and fast for our nation.  I won't be able to go to Detroit, but I plan to join with them on 11-11-11 to pray and fast here at home.  Would you consider joining us?    
       We are planning a special meeting of The Gathering, Friday evening at 6:00 for the purpose of praying for our community and for our nation.  Please come if you can.

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