Saturday, August 18, 2012

It rained!

       It rained 2 inches Thursday night!  What a relief!  We had almost given up hope of ever seeing a nice rain again!  Amazing, isn't it?  Last year it wouldn't stop raining so we were longing to see a stretch of sunny days, and now we are begging for several hours--or days--of rain!
       There was some major wind with the rain, though, as indicated in the picture below.  We hated to lose another tree--especially one that looked healthy.  We have lost several since we moved into our house 10 years ago and several look as if they are dying--some of which can be attributed to the drought.  Unfortunately, this tree wasn't one of them.
       The tornado sirens went off so we were in the basement when the tree fell.  It was twisted off, not just toppled over, so obviously the winds were swirling around.  Our yard is a mess!  There must be 10,000 (100,000?  10,000,000??) branches, trees and limbs down on our property so we have much work to do!
      Even so, we are extremely grateful for the rain and the cooler temperatures!

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