Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Joseph Prince's Devotional: From 'Deliverance' to 'No Evil Shall Touch You'

   In this encouraging word from Joseph Prince we are reminded that when we're in relationship with God He will not only deliver us from our troubles, but will draw us so close to Him that no evil will touch us.  Think about that.  How can evil touch us if we are dwelling in the "shelter of the most High?"  Does evil come near God?
    I believe so often our troubles stem from our unwillingness to draw near to Him.  How can He prevent evil from touching us if we insist on keeping our distance from Him?  We are so inclined to go our own selfish ways and get ourselves in trouble.  Then we call on Him to help us out.  What if, instead, our desire and intention is to always seek His counsel first?  What if we are consciously running to him all day long?  If we are living in the brilliant light of His Presence would darkness be able to come near us?  I don't think so, do you?  

From ‘Deliverance’ To ‘No Evil Shall Touch You’  by Joseph Prince

"He shall deliver you in six troubles, yes, in seven no evil shall touch you."  Job 5:19

God will deliver you from all your troubles. (Psalm 34:19, 2 Timothy 4:18) But deliverance is actually not the best that God has for you because it implies that you are in trouble. God’s best for you is the place where no trouble or evil can touch you. And with His help, you will come to that place because the Bible says, “He shall deliver you in six troubles, yes, in seven no evil shall touch you.”

This does not mean that God will only deliver you six times. It just means that as you keep believing God’s promises of protection, after some time, you will come to a place where no evil will touch you!

So when trouble comes, God does not want you to be discouraged. He wants you to know that it is only the devil trying to steal His Word from your heart. The devil is afraid of leaving God’s Word in your heart for even one second because he knows that it will lead you to a place where no evil will touch you. That is why he comes immediately to steal God’s Word from your heart.

He will do so by telling you, “Look, your child is sick. Where is God now?” You must not respond by saying, “Well, I guess it does not work. Maybe God’s promises of deliverance are not for my family.”

No, you must continue to stand on God’s promises. Say, “The previous flu my child had did not stay. God promises me deliverance and He did deliver my child then. So I will live life believing His promises of deliverance because His Word is true. And I will come to a place where no evil can touch me and my family!”

Beloved, even if in the next moment you happen to stub your toe against something hard, don’t be discouraged and wonder why God did not protect your toe. The devil had meant to cause greater harm to you, but thank God that he could not because God is watching over you. And keep standing on His promises until you come to the place where no evil will touch you!


Kathy said...

I really love this. Do you mind if I post a link on facebook? (I'm Sarah Wilhoit's friend and I enjoy your blog.) :-)

Country Girl said...

I would be happy for you to post it on Facebook. Nice to meet you Kathy. Thanks for commenting. I love hearing what others are thinking.