Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Drought

      Not only has the drought taken a major toll on the crops around here (and across the Midwest) but the lack of rain is beginning to cause many trees to die, also.  We have several now in the woods on our property and along the lane that leads to our house that look as if they are not going to make it.
      One I am especially disappointed to lose is this Canadian hemlock.  We planted these two trees almost 10 years ago.  They have grown to be nice-sized trees.  When I was watering the garden  last week I noticed one of them--the one on the right--looked different than it had a few days ago.  The needles were gray colored.  As I reached for one of the branches the needles fell off in my hands.
This is how the tree looks today.  The picture is taken looking the opposite direction from the one above.   (I set a 5 gallon bucket beside it on the right to get perspective on how large it really is.)  How disappointing to lose a tree.  They take so long to grow! 
       The land so desperately need rain.  There's not much chance it will help the soybeans now, but it would revive most of the trees, lawns, landscaping, wells, ponds, rivers, etc. 
      We picked up our youngest son and his family at the St. Louis airport yesterday and could not believe how shallow the Mississippi River looked!  Many sand bars were visible.  I have heard that it is possible to walk across the Wabash River in some spots now!  I also know of many people who are hauling water because their wells have run dry.
      We--and millions of others who are affected by this drought--would certainly appreciate your prayers for some prolonged, soaking rains!

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