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A December Word from Johnny Enlow

My Dream: The Flood and the Focus
I had yet another flooding dream. In this dream I was near the shore, and as I was watching, the water suddenly reversed its course, and instead of the water being in a receding motion, it began to come in and flood.

As it came, it began to quickly rise, and I realized that I needed to move to higher ground to stay ahead of it. I looked over a parking area where I had left my car and realized that that whole area was now under water and that there would be no getting that car. In my dream I thought, "Oh well, I guess insurance will help me get a new car." It was quite matter of fact, rather than frightening.

So I began to quickly move toward higher ground as the flooding increased, and then I realized I would needed to ask God what path to take to stay ahead of the flooding. I paused and asked God, and then was led to focus on a house up on the right and go up right beside it. I was making my way there when I woke up. (Photo via Pixabay)
Why The Flood Wasn't Frightening and What that Means For You and Me
The dream was not frightening, but a matter-of-fact reality. I believe the spiritual rains and flooding are beginning. This is a good thing. The landscape of everything will change. For me, two things that stood out are that my old car was no longer going to make it, but that was OK as I would get an upgrade; secondly, the flooding would require that I seek direction as to how to stay ahead of it.

Cars speak of ministry vehicle. What is coming in is really good and an answer to prayer – but preconceived ideas as tohow our ministry vehicle will work may have to be tossed out.

Additionally, it will take more than just instinct to know how to respond to the rising waters, and we will have to get specific direction. We will end up with new vehicles and end up on higher ground, but both will require embracing the new and unplanned.
So, What Should Be Our Focus This December?
The verse for the month is Philippians 3:13"Brethren, I do not count myself as having apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead."
We must now shift out of the November focus of pursuing to recover our losses ("November's Grace: Pursue, Overtake, Recover All, and Spoil the Enemy!"). It would not be healthy to stay in a self-absorbed mode of considering our losses.

We thank Him for the many aspects of recovery we experienced, but now we must give Him any losses or loose ends that remain and "forget those things which are behind" and begin to reach forward "to those things which are ahead." (Photo via Pixabay)

As we stay in the hopeful state that we gained in November, we can trust God with the results that have not yet changed and get our eyes off of ourselves. This is a month to keep our eyes first on Jesus as He is both the cause and the flood water itself that is coming in. We must begin preparing ourselves to respond to His arising around us and expect new options that we have not been considering.

In my previous dream on flooding, one phenomenon of it was that the streets were filled with rushing waters that carried many very large, upside-down, squirming pigs. The only thing we needed to watch out for was being swept out by these oversized pigs. There is an exposure of the "underbelly" of societal pigs [also known as those things that are UNCLEAN before the Lord] that has presently begun and will continue. This is a reality we must be prepared for, and we must make sure not to get knocked over by these exposures of that which has been hidden. Exposure is not the theme of this season, but it will be the accompanying phenomenon of the river of God rising in our midst.

Here I repeat the song I was singing in my previous dream: "A river will rise, a mountain will move, God's people will arise – and all will be new." Get ready, get ready, get ready.

Johnny Enlow
Johnny and Elizabeth


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