Monday, December 15, 2014

From Graham Cooke's "Brilliant News"

The Greatest Gift of All

Have you made your Christmas list yet this year? Carefully thought of what gifts you most 
hope to receive from your loved ones? Did you know that you already have the greatest gift you could ever hope to receive? Even in your worst moments, even when you’re stranded and alone, even on your best, most memorable days, you have this gift on hand and no one can take it from you. It’s a gift that grows all the time; it’s the gift of grace.

Through grace we are given permission to explore our passions, reach out in new directions, and never dwell on past mistakes. In Graham’s latest release, The Fullness of Grace, he says,

“The truth of who Jesus is in me and for me becomes mine by means of a new gift of empowerment. Everything God shows you, He empowers you to become. What he opens up, He causes you to inherit. He shows you stuff, He gives you stuff, He pushes you into it. He loves you in such a forceful pleasant way that you grab hold of it and you want it and so we are always overwhelmed by Grace. It's all around us. It's thick with Presence and permission. Literally grace is the gift to become what God sees and knows about us in Christ.“

The gift of grace is also the gift of peace; The Father wants us to be free from worry to fully explore our potential in the Kingdom. How can we explore new territory if we are caught up thinking about the past? We can’t! And He knows that. God’s grace is so extravagant that even when we sin, He has no plans of punishing us, or even letting us punish ourselves! He just hands out more and more grace so we can step into our true identity and calling in the Kingdom.

What if you are the key to changing someone’s life, to being the catalyst for change for a whole group of people, what if you are called to speak out about injustice or shed light on issues that people aren’t talking about? If God’s grace wasn’t so all-encompassing, you might never find these things out! You might never know who you are really meant to be, and our Father wants the whole world for us. He wants us to do everything and be everything that we could have ever hoped to be. So, this Christmas when you are making your Christmas lists, just remember that you already have the greatest gift of all. 

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