Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Time To Make Something Wonderful Happen by Gary Elkins

An excellent word from Gary Elkins which was posted on the Elijah List today:

Recently, I was helping a family prepare the memorial service for their son who had suddenly died. As we put together the elements of the service the mother of the young man began to tell me stories from his life.

The young man had experienced a challenging season in his life. He ended up living on the streets. When he got enough money together he rented a storage unit and turned it into a place to live against the regulations of the storage facility. Each night he would enter the storage unit and quietly pull down the door and spend the night.

Early one morning the security personnel were making their rounds and saw this unit without a lock. To protect the contents and thinking the owner forgot to secure the unit, the security officer placed a lock on the door and walked away. When the young man awakened and tried to leave he found himself trapped in the steel-sided unit. The storage facility was vast. This could become his grave if he was not discovered.

The young man had a cell phone, but its battery had run down. He only had one bottle of water. After a few days he knew that he would die if he did not get help soon.

While sharing her son's life story, the mom talked about his talent and ingenuity. At the deepest point of his desperation he surveyed what he had on hand and was able to craft a very crude charging unit for his cell phone out of old batteries, wire and parts from other electronic equipment. As soon as his phone had a minimal charge he called his mom to let her know his dilemma. Within a few minutes help arrived and came to his rescue.
Creative Solutions
As I sat listening in amazement to this unusual story, I began to sense something prophetic was being released into my heart. The story of the young man's rescue was given to me as a template for the coming year. 2015 will be a year when creative solutions will emerge and unlock what is held captive behind thoughts of impossibility.

Our need for supernatural solutions for major issues of life in the areas of health and technology will be released through Spirit-inspired innovation. In the coming year answers will rise to the surface of our thinking that were previously hidden beneath the complexity of the problems we face. (Photo via Pixabay)

As I pondered the potential for 2015, I heard the Lord say:

"This will be a year when supernatural solutions and deliverance will take place as My people survey their circumstances and in faith apply their limited resources to overwhelming need. I will bring solutions.

"As I did when I fed the 5,000, I asked My disciples to bring Me the potential hidden within a boy's lunch and with it I fed the multitude. Look around. Gather what you have and bring it to My hand for My touch. My touch will be the release point for your innovation and invention. As you step in faith, I will release you from prisons of want and fear and set you free to experience My coming provision."

Garris Elkins, Author and Prophetic Minister
Prophetic Horizons


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