Monday, April 27, 2015

Frank Laubach's Journal - April 27, 1937

     I loved this reminder in the Frank Laubach devotional, "Learning the Vocabulary of God."  Many years ago I felt the Lord say to me that if I would take care of the things that were important to Him, He would take care of the things that were important to me.  He seems to be saying the same thing to Frank in the devotional for Tuesday, April 27, 1937.

"MY child, when you pray to Me of your own little troubles and doubts, your prayer is pretty thin and small.  When you reach out to help other people by offering yourself as a channel for Me, your prayer becomes at once large and noble.  You need not pray about your own personal affairs at all, for I will provide for those.  Pray for others!  Make you whole day a prayer for others.  Think of them one by one and try to help them to a rich contact with Me.  Your effort to bring the picture of Christ into their minds was good.  I will day by day teach you endless ways to make this priceless voyage of discovery in a little-known land of the Spirit.  Put a gentle but continuous pressure on your will to do this.  When reading, put your will effort into those of whom you read.  When talking, pour your prayer into those to whom you speak and of whom you speak.  Thus you will learn what Christ-love in all its fullness and irresistable power is, a terrific, outreaching love-will."

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