Saturday, April 25, 2015


      Yesterday was a beautiful, cool, sunshiny day and I enjoyed it immensely! (Today is cold and rainy.)  Because of surgery I was not to lift over 15 lbs for 6 weeks.  What a difficult restriction that was for me since every time I looked outside I saw lots of garden work that needed to be done.  It certainly helped me identify with those who are unable to do the things they used to do but wish they could.    
     Yesterday was 6 weeks.  The doctor said I was healing nicely so I could resume normal activity. Therefore, I spent almost all day outside raking, transplanting, weeding, and trimming.  I may have overdone it a little but it sure felt good to be working again!
      I took a break when our oldest grandson and one of his friends stopped by to go mushroom hunting.  It was fun to see them and to enjoy their excitement at finding mushrooms.  We found about 40 so we were all pretty excited!  From talking with others it doesn't seem there are many mushrooms out there this year.  It looks as if next weekend is going to be very warm so maybe there is still a chance of a bunch popping up.

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