Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The ‘Herman Caining’ of Ted Cruz Has Begun by Mychal Massie

    This is an important article by Mychal Massie.  I hope you will post it on Facebook, Twitter, send by email or however you communicate with your friends.  America needs a leader.  We must support only candidates that are first and foremost Constitutional conservatives and patriots or our way of life and the light we have been to other nations will be completely lost.    
     We certainly don't need more establishment Republicans, or Democrats whose major concerns are keeping themselves in power by giving handouts to those who refuse to use their God given talents to support this country, or by bringing in illegals to gain their vote.  What ever happened to common sense?  I can't for the life of me understand how people can continue to vote for those who are out to destroy the very fabric of this country!
      Let's help to educate the American public--many whose only source of information is the mainstream media.

He looks like Bill Murray and is just as cool. Senator Ted Cruz.

The ‘Herman Caining’ of Ted Cruz Has Begun

The “Herman Caining” of Conservative Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz has begun. And first out of the attack gates are half-truths and no truth about his wife and her professional career.
Tuesday, March 24, during an on-air interview on The Manning Report, hosted by my good friend Dr. James David Manning, he quizzed me pursuant to a Ted Cruz candidacy. My response was that we could expect in the very near future negative stories to start surfacing about not just Ted Cruz, but also his wife. I could not have been more prescient.
The attack centers on Mrs. Cruz’s involvement in the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and her alleged role in crafting a CFR document espousing North American unity. This attack is designed to be red meat to those who see the New World Order in juice glasses.
I cannot prove it – yet, but every fiber of my political being says this has Karl Rove and Reince Priebus fingerprints all over it. Rove and Priebus are committed to dragging Jeb Bush to the Republican presidential nomination on a three-wheel dolly if that’s what it takes.
That said, there is no scenario by which they are going to allow Ted Cruz to gain traction if they can help it. Their Erebusic strategy is well written, well rehearsed, and it has been hugely successful because the one thing Republican voters have proven capable of doing better than any other political group is throwing the best candidates under the bus.
The Rove-Priebus modus operandi is to destroy any candidate they deem a threat to the Republican establishment if said candidates are permitted to gain office. Herman Cain and Sarah Palin would have without question been threats to Rove-Priebus accordingly both were politically destroyed.
Sarah Palin’s successful governorship in Alaska should stand as a model to other governors. Her only mistake was to defy the good old boys. As Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) Michael Steele was vilified by Rove-Priebus. The public reasons for vilifying Michael Steele were that he was incompetent and ineffective in the position. But the true motivation for his vilification was that he gave money to Tea Party candidates, and because he dared to disassemble the good old boy establishment network. And even worse, he refused to allow Rove-Priebus to make him their sock-puppet.
I cannot prove it but there are no few of my peers who believe, as do I, that Rove was responsible for the branding of the Tea Party as a racist group. No few of us believe it was Rove who silently sanctioned the attacks on the Tea Party by NAACP and Al Sharpton.
The reason, as I wrote in November 2010, was because Rove understood the very real threat the Tea party posed to the Republican establishment. Rove-Priebus have made no secret of their contempt for the will of the people and their Congressional surrogates have carried out their orders.
Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell blacklisted the Jamestown Group, one of the most prolific Republican fundraising groups because they raised monies for Tea Party candidates. McConnell boasted publicly whenever establishment candidates bested Tea Party candidates even by the smallest of margins. Rove said one Tea Party candidate should be killed.
Rove also made a point of saying no candidates would receive a dime of campaign money unless the candidate was vetted and approved by him and the establishment.
Mrs. Cruz doesn’t deserve the aspersions being hurled at her. One would think that when all is said and done, eight-years of the boorish commonality of the Obama woman, they would be eager for a real lady to once again grace the White House.
Mrs. Cruz is the type of First Lady America needs; that notwithstanding, she is the wife of a patriot America needs. Her husband is neither afraid nor ashamed to fight for We the People. Her husband is not a two-bit pettifogger in an ill-fitting suit whose chief skill was that as a community organizer. Mrs. Cruz has not engaged in the defense of guilty Black Panther Party subversives; she didn’t take $1,000 of questionable origin and turn it into $100,000 of even more questionable origin in the extremely high-risk and volatile world of futures trading.
Mrs. Cruz has actually always loved America and she has always been proud of America. She is the wife of a patriot who actually believes in American exceptionalism. She is the wife of a patriot who understands the Republican Party is being led astray and must return to a true Party of We the People.
This is the first of many Rove-Priebus engineered attacks that will be unleashed on Mrs. Cruz and her patriot husband.
I’m not telling you who to vote for but I am saying, for the record, I can think of no candidate more worthy of support than the patriot husband of Mrs. Ted Cruz.

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