Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hiking in the Woods

      Our son, Greg, and his friend, Caleb, have made a wonderful mountain biking path in our woods.  They even built a very substantial bridge to cross a small ravine.  I  mowed the sides of the path with my trusty DR Trimmer/Mower to make it wider.
     Now Country Guy & I have a perfect path for hiking.  Right now it is one mile in length, but the guys tell me they are making plans for "Phase 2" once the leaves are off the trees so they can see where they want to continue the path.

      I am excited!  As long as I can remember--even as a little girl--I have always wanted to make paths in the woods.  I have tried making a few since we've lived here, but always after awhile I either come to a stream I can't bridge or a tree falls across a section of the path.  Since I don't do chain saws, I had abandoned the effort.  Now that I have two strong guys motivated to keep the path clear for biking I'm hoping this one will be available for years to come (as long as I have the energy to weed-eat it. :o)
     The dream has been a long time in coming but it appears to be here!
     Thank you, Jesus, for allowing and providing this great pleasure!