Thursday, August 27, 2015

I Agree! Where Is The Christian World?

     I agree with this article from Israel Today Magazine.  Why are Christians not outraged?  Why are we not seeking ways to help these--our brothers & sisters?  Wouldn't we want and expect that if we were in this situation?  What does this say about Christianity and Christians?  What would Jesus do?  Hasn't He sent us to be His representatives on earth?  Are we being good witnesses to His love?

Where is the Christian world?

Thursday, August 27, 2015 |  Israel Today Staff
The photo to the left is of a young Christian girl whose family fled Syria ahead of invading jihadist hordes and today lives as beggars on the streets of northern Turkey. She is just one of a great many in a similar situation, and they are the lucky ones. Countless other Christians have been brutalized and massacred in the Middle East in recent years.
The photo was shared on Facebook by the Israeli Christian Lobby, a group of Arabic-speaking Christians that both lobbies for Christian issues in Israel and publicizes the fact that the Jewish state is the one safe place for Christians in this volatile region.
Considering the deafening silence of the Christian West in regards to Syrian and Iraqi Christians like this little girl, the Israeli Christian Lobby appealed to “our Jewish brothers to request that the government of Israel open its borders to these Christian refugees.”
While Israel is ill-equipped to handle a flood of refugees, the response from average Israelis, at least on Facebook, was overwhelmingly positive.
“We must give them shelter in Israel,” wrote one Jewish commenter. “Bring them to the Land [of Israel]!!!” insisted another.
“Who better than our people knows this [suffering]?” noted one Israeli Jewess. “She should seek refuge in Israel,” recommended a respondent.
Others were outraged at the plight of these Christians and the lack of response by the global Christian leadership.
“The Pope is mute and deaf,” concluded one Israeli, while another pointed out that Christian leaders like the Pope “only pay attention when Jews and Israel are involved.”

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