Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Thomas Sowell on Donald Trump

     I must say I am enjoying Donald Trump's boldness and bluster.  Many American people are fed up with politicians who are so afraid of calling a spade, a spade, but instead pussyfoot around trying to be politically correct with absolutely no convictions they are willing to stand for.  Even though I cheer when Trump says what we are all thinking, I have no intention of voting for him for President.  Hopefully, though, he will flush out those who claim to be conservative but who vote whichever the politically wind is blowing, so that we can truly see which candidates are running because of deep held beliefs and love of country, and which are running to obtain power.

Thomas Sowell says what I'm thinking much better than I can:

Thomas Sowell: "Many Republican voters are so disgusted with their party, especially over its repeated betrayals of them, and of the country, especially when it comes to immigration, that they are immediately attracted to anyone who voices the outrage they feel. Donald Trump has turned this opening phase of the 2016 primaries into The Donald Trump Show. All of this might be very entertaining, if this were not a crucial juncture in the history of the country and of the world. But, while all this political theater is going on, the world’s leading promoter of international terrorism — Iran — has gotten a 'deal' that all but guarantees that they will have nuclear bombs and, not just incidentally, intercontinental missiles to deliver them. ... We can only hope that, somewhere among the many Republican candidates, there is someone who can, as president, make the hard decisions and take the hard steps required to undo the utter disaster that looms ahead, as a result of Barack Obama’s feckless foreign policies. If ever there was a time to carefully sift through all the aspiring Republican candidates, in hopes of finding just one who might be up to the superhuman task ahead, in order to head off a nuclear catastrophe, this is surely the time to look for a solid, wise and steadfast leader. A shoot-from-the-hip, bombastic show-off is the last thing we need or can afford."

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Unknown said...

This is the first time I can think of that I have ever disagreed with Mr Sowell. Not that I disagree with his belief that we are in desperate need of a more politically astute conservative leader that we can trust. My disagreement is that there just is not such a candidate to be found.