Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Digging Potatoes

    Last weekend we dug potatoes.  Whenever I do that I seem to see parallels of the Christian life--like when I first look at the patch all I can see are the overgrown weeds.   It doesn't look as if anything is there, but then when we begin to dig we find luscious potatoes.  This year Country Guy outdid himself! Some of the potatoes were so large that I probably only need to cook one for the two of us!  And we got three 5 gallon buckets full!

      I'm sure you notice the parallel, too.  Isn't that how we view some people--as if there are only weeds with nothing to like about them?  But when we begin to dig down and discover who they really are, we find all kinds of treasure beneath the surface.  I love to dig potatoes!
      Help me, Lord, to love looking for treasure in your children just as much.

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