Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ineffable Union with Christ: Living in the Kingdom by Gregory S. Camp

     I am excited for our friend, Greg Camp!  His new book, which is a compilation of the writings from 1927-1937 of Rufus J. Moseley, has just been published and is available on Amazon for purchase.  Here is the link.  Greg has been researching and compiling these articles for the last several years and has material for even more books!  What an undertaking and what a blessing that  Greg has made possible for us to read the many articles of wisdom from this great man of God!
     As soon as I discovered the book was out, I ordered a copy and received mine yesterday.  I have only had time to read the introduction but was very impressed!  In the introduction Greg has done a wonderful job of helping us understand who Rufus Moseley was, who influenced him, and who was influenced by him.
     Here is wisdom from Rufus that Greg included in the introduction:  "You are born of the qualities you habitually give out.  If you give out hate, you become hateful; if you give out criticism, you become critical.  If you give out love, you become lovely.  So give out love."  Someone asked, "But Dr. Mosely, suppose they don't return your love?"  His answer:  "Increase the dose!"
     I highly recommend you get this book.  Your life will be forever changed when you grasp the deep revelation that Rufus experienced and imparted through his writings.
     Thank you, Greg, for a job well done!

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