Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Very Well Said, Mychal Massie!

Do Black Athletes Understand Meaning Of Equality?

I watched a black professional football player wax passionately in his complaint that, it isn’t as bad today as when his “mamma” was born in 1955, but blacks today are still fighting for equality. The ESPN program hosts solemnly nodded their heads in agreement. 
The depth of ignorance the petulant multi-millionaire athlete displayed was stunning. Which brings me to my point. Just what “equality” is it that these blacks are claiming blacks do not have? Do they understand the definition of “equality” or are they arguing for preferential treatment simply because they are black?
What these pluripotent complainers are apparently too uneducated to realize is that blacks have the exact same equality everyone else has. And if they bothered to put aside their jaundiced perspective of modernity they would understand that.
Equality dictates and defines the ability of all persons to purchase the home of their choice predicated upon their credit and ability to pay for same. Equality dictates and is defined as the ability of all persons to dine, shop, purchase, and lodge wherever they choose based upon their ability to pay. Equality dictates and is defined in the context that a person can seek employment where they wish and reasonably expect to be considered for hiring based upon their qualifications. 
Just what equality are blacks lacking today? I live in Orlando, Florida. The restaurants we dine at are host to countless numbers of blacks, many of whom are staying in expensive hotels on vacation. I see blacks dining and shopping in the most exclusive stores, as well as in Wal-Mart. Blacks enjoy luxurious time-share rentals just as many others do. For these spoiled multi-millionaire athletes to claim that blacks don’t have equality is a damnable heterodoxy spewed by pernicious calumniators. Even more contradictory to the boorish complaints is that many multi-millionaire athletes live in the same area that I do. 
It is an undeniable fact that blacks have the same rights and opportunities that everyone else enjoys. It is the choice of what to do with said rights and opportunities that needs to be addressed. 
If blacks did not have equality they would not be ordering meals in Orlando restaurants from Wendy’s to Christner’s Prime Steak and Lobster to Chatham’s Place with whites taking their orders and preparing their meals. If blacks did not have equality they would not be renting and purchasing homes from Baton Rouge to Wyoming to Anchorage, Alaska. If blacks didn’t enjoy equality they wouldn’t be serviced by white sales persons in every corner of America from a Dollar Tree store to the haute couture stores in the finest shopping districts.
Bad police have injured and/or mistreated Americans of every description not just blacks. 
The truth is that these complainers are stenotopic, and motivated by a bigotry that looks back to a time past that America has had the good sense and decency to reject and overcome.
It is an unconscionable act of intellectual dishonesty to persuade other blacks that the misfortune some of them suffer is always based upon their skin color. The Gordian knot that binds the minds of so many blacks is further tightened by these complaining and protesting athletes, many if not most of whom would be serving jail sentences if they did not excel at punt, pass, kick, throw, and shoot (baskets). 
The message blacks need to embrace is that life isn’t free and bad decisions lead to bad outcomes. They must understand that they can change the definition of propriety but they cannot change the injurious outcomes from same.
I am beyond weary with the complaining and accusations of inequality in America. I am equally tired of hearing we need a conversation on race. First of all there is no such thing as “race.” The idea of race is the construct of the social-Darwinists that was embraced by Hitler as justification for his attempted extermination of Jews and the myth of German superiority. What those calling for such dialogue are actually calling for is a conversation on skin color.
To which I say, we do not need a conversation on skin color; we need a conversation on personal responsibility and propriety. Instead of resorting to perverse self-serving tautological arguments that are without merit, these athletes need to set examples by going to classes, graduating from schools based upon meeting standards of learning consistent with grade level, having a wife and family not “babies mammas,” staying away from drugs and aberrant behavior, by attending Christ centered churches with their families, and by representing personal responsibility juxtaposed to belligerence and bigotry.
It’s about time these people understand that within the realities of life the chance of tragic misfortune hovers about us all. But with that said, what must be understood is that bad behavior and bad decisions lead to bad outcomes. And if people refuse to change their behavior they cannot change the consequences resulting from same.

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