Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mychal Massie's Daily Rant for Sept. 1, 2016

      As usual, Mychal Massie hits the nail on the head.  What has happened to common sense and moral values?

America Going From Sandals to Sandals?

A reasoned person is looking at America in the context of the present, possibly remembering the adage “sandals to sandals in two generations,” but certainly questioning what has happened?
What has happened to the mind of the people who claim to want good government and yet reelect over and over those like Debbie Wasserman Shultz (D-FLA) and John McCain (R-AZ)? 
President John Kennedy was a lot of godless things but it is safe to say he loved America and worked to enhance her not erode the traditions that had made her great. But Tuesday August 30, voters in my home state reelected Debbie Wasserman Shultz who was forced to step down and chairman of the Democrat National Committee (DNC) because of her uncontested corruption. 
John McCain has enjoyed a life of failure that has miraculously vaulted him to the heights of influence peddling commonly referred to as “holding political office.” And yet somehow voters valued the corruption and dishonesty to the point of rewarding two people who below in prison with reelection. 
What has happened to the overwhelming majority of American people who today are barely above an eighth grade reading and comprehension level on the Flesch-Kincaid exam that tests for same? Where is the personal pride of vast numbers of people who would rather complain about something being too hard to read than taking time to master it? What about those who complain about essayists such as myself whom they claim use words they do not understand, but do not take time to look the word up? What has happened to the pride of rugged individuality and self-determination of our forefathers?
What has happened to the resolve of the American people who subscribed to the belief that what they dreamed they could accomplish; and thus dared set the bar of achievement high? Today people offer reasons for not pursuing a course of self-accomplishment. 
At what point, I correct myself – Will there come a point in time that people again place a high regard upon real education and propriety? My point being that despite having access to intellectual media today that we couldn’t have dreamed of 50 years ago, personal improvement on an educational level continues to plummet.
Has it become the function of schools to under-educate and inculcate a mindset of contempt for propriety and mistrust of accomplishment that is not tied to punt, pass, kick, and throw? When I went to school we actually studied history. We knew, historical dates, periods of time, and historical events. We were taught about historical figures. We pledged allegiance to the flag, we said the Lord’s Prayer, we celebrated the accomplishments of our forefathers. What has happened today?
I am appalled at the lack of intellectual curiosity of adults that is passed down to their children. I am appalled at the wanton disregard for the sanctity of the home and family. Television and movies have devolved to Gaycation, Married at First Kiss and Dating Naked. Music has devolved from Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Sarah Vaughn, The Temptations, yes even The Beatles to gangster rap, Suge Knight, and Jennifer Lopez. Explain to me how they promote family and cultural values.
People complain about the politicians but the politicians are the face and character of We the People. Our forefathers fought intolerance and extremism. Today these Erebusic commonalities are viewed as values showcasing an honored belief system that by any reasoned characterization of truthfulness can only be viewed as a cult masquerading as a religion. Then of course there are those who cry racism but preach self-inculcated apartheid.
I’m an ordained minister and a public figure who has studied and knows history. As an ordained minister I understand that biblically things must reach a point where evil is so prevalent that biblical eschatology is fulfilled. As a public figure who has studied and knows history, I understand the zeitgeist of today and how it was born and unfolded to the present. But I take no solace in that.
I’m concerned, but not about Donald Trump, I’m concerned about the mindset of those who would rather see Hillary Clinton in office than him. I’m not talking about Clinton’s politics, albeit I obviously reject them; I’m talking about the corruption that has enveloped her like a death mask since before she left college. Yet, somehow people are eager to dismiss her lifelong career of corruption.
I’m concerned about an America that places more of a premium upon feelings than it does truthfulness. I’m concerned about an America in which the standards of absolutes in the Church, the home, our schools, and our military are being destroyed.
I know that every generation believes theirs to be, and too have been, better than those of the past and future. I am forced to accede to the bromide I once heard a pastor use in his sermon: “Sandals to sandals in two generations.”
The meaning of the bromide is civilizations are only able to secure unto themselves success and Godly standards of resolve for two generations before they devolve back into the abyss of pagan godlessness and anarchy. 
America has set the standard of Godly accomplishment and freedom that has been a beacon for the world. But today America is on the brink of going over the cliff. Sadly, as I’ve heard it said, there’s a lot of activity at the bottom of the cliff but not near enough at the top of the cliff. If there were more activity at the top we could prevent more from going over it and smashing to their demise below.

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