Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Highly Addictive TV Series--Broadchurch

    The last few days we have practically been glued to the TV watching Season 1 of an English series entitled "Broadchurch".  Our daughter told us about it.  She watched it on Netflix but we purchased it through Amazon Prime since we haven't yet subscribed to Netflix.
    They have finished two seasons and I have been told a third and final one will be out in May.  We have only watched Season 1 but are planning to start Season 2 as soon as we possibly can!  It is that addictive!  So don't start unless you have lots of time to blow through all 8 episodes.  Just sayin'.

*Update:  We finished the 2nd Season and were not nearly as impressed--too many sex scenes and one scene of two women kissing.  I don't recommend it.  We felt the first season was even somewhat inspirational, so I am disappointed the second one wasn't.  It kept our interest, but could have been much more than it was.

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