Saturday, February 25, 2017

Pondering the Effects of Negativism on Our Health

      Did you see the news article about witches uniting to put a spell on Donald Trump and his supporters?  Here it is, if you are interested.
      At first I thought it was ridiculous they would be given headline news, but then I realized that most of us Christians would be unaware of their schemes if it hadn't been publicized.  What is exciting is that "greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world"!  We can pray a hedge of protection around our President, his cabinet, and us--his supporters.
      My prayer is that the fiery darts the enemy is directing towards those who are standing for morality, righteousness and common sense will boomerang back onto the very ones who sent them.  I pray those who are against God will see that He is much more powerful than the devil they are following and will turn to Him in worship.  I also pray that those who have been so vehemently against President Trump will recognize whose side they are on when they see witches are working against him, too.
      As Country Guy and I were discussing this, the thought occured that maybe the hatred and destructive thoughts generated, being publicized and sent throughout our country, especially since the election, is the reason for so much sickness and discouragement.  Almost everyone I know has been sick this winter and most of those I know are Trump supporters.  It is an idea I had not entertained until reading the news article, but I believe there is truth to it.  The negative bombardment can't help but have an effect on us, especially those who are sensitive to spiritual things, when we were created to live in an atmosphere of love.  I'm also wondering if it doesn't have an additional adverse effect on those who are already deficient in love.  Just pondering...

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