Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Bowl - A Prophetic Win!

       I wish I had written this before I watched the Super Bowl.  You might have been very impressed!  A few days ago I was telling Country Guy that the Patriots were going to win the Super Bowl because I had read lots of prophetic words over the years giving significance to the winners, or the scores, or the number of plays, or something in each Super Bowl. It seemed to me that with a name like the Patriots they had to be the winners!
      I said I thought they would win because Patriots are prophetic right now.  That is what Donald Trump is--a patriot--and what he is emphasizing we all need to be.  I read a prophetic word the other day that said this is the year of Ezekiel 34.  The person giving the word was talking about all the scores of recent ball games in which the winning team had scored 34 points and that the Lord had showed him the number was indicating Ezekiel 34.   As we were watching the game with friends and the score was Patriots 3, Atlanta 28, I said this has got to be one of those prophetic games.  The Patriots are going to win just as Donald Trump did, when everyone was saying it was impossible.  That is just what happened, and not only that but the last play is going to be debated for years to come because the player's knee touched down before the ball was over the line, just as many have questioned the outcome of the election because President Trump didn't win the popular vote.
      As you can see, it turned out to be a very prophetic night!  Too bad I am not a betting person.  I probably could have won a lot of money with my prediction.  Especially if I had added that the Patriots would score 34 points to win!

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