Friday, February 17, 2017

"I Am Releasing Reformation and Awakening in the USA! by Cindy Jacobs, Red Oak, TX

"I Am Releasing Reformation and Awakening in the USA! What You See on the News is Satan Very Discouraged"by Cindy Jacobs, Red Oak, TX

This is a prophetic word by Cindy Jacobs about the Lord's peace:
For the Lord would say, "We are entering into a new season and do not let the tumult of the season deter you from the path I have called you." The Lord says, "Don't let fear get in your heart, for I am truly releasing a reformation into the United States of America," says the Lord. The Lord says, "I truly am releasing an awakening." 

"What you see on the news is simply satan very discouraged and very angry because of the things that he knows he's going to have to let go of; but know this, check your heart for it is not a place to be triumphal and to get into triumphalism or say, 'We are this or we are that.'" 
The Lord says, "Do not add fuel to the pain of a people." The Lord says, "I would cause you to be a bridge builder not a bridge destroyer."

The Lord says, "It's a time to check our hearts as Americans. Do not let the political spirit come in and begin to cause you to be one that brings division rather than unity." The Lord says, "This is time to throw water rather than gasoline on fires. This is the time to come in the opposite spirit.

God is Bringing Unity
The Lord will speak even to families and family members that: "It is a time for civil discourse not civil disobedience within families, for satan wants to tear apart families. Satan wants to tear apart churches." The Lord would say, "This is a John 17 moment."

In fact, I want to just speak into that a moment. The prophets last November and one of the major words we got was "John 17" – that God was going to bring unity. Can God bring unity to a whole nation? Of course He can. We're commanded to ask the nations for our inheritance. We are commanded to make disciples of nations. 

The Lord would say, "I'm going to give an escalation of My reformational principles," says the Lord. God says, "I'm doing this new thing. You've never been this way before." The Lord says, "I can bring peace. I will be the bridge over troubled waters for your family, for those you work with, your coworkers, and those who believe we are one nation, indivisible – one nation under God, indivisible." 

God bless you.
Cindy Jacobs
Generals International


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