Wednesday, January 23, 2019

A New Year Suggestion from E. W. Kenyon's website

From the Kenyon website:
A New Year Suggestion
This New Year
Let us stop —
Saying biting, cutting things. Doing spiteful, mean things. Looking at wicked, bitter things.
Let us cease —
Being weak and hurtful. Being peevish and hateful. Being selfish and spiteful.
Let us aim —
Not to waste time we do not own. Not to rob God of His money. Not to spoil another’s time.
Love is masterful.
Love does things.
Love does not stop and count 
the cost.
Love is honest.
Love is a hater of dissembling. Love inspires confidence.
Love is big.
Love does not say biting things. Love would rather be hurt than 
to hurt.
Love is not a recorder of other’s faults.
Love may know our faults but never speaks them.
Love feels our faults, but does not count them.
Love carries our faults, but never peddles them.
Love is easily hurt, but never retaliates.
Love is God’s inventive genius placed in man.
Man is at his best as a Lover; it is his realm;
God made him to Love

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